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Iraq pay rise to stem brain drain


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Iraq pay rise to stem brain drain

By Caroline Hawley

BBC correspondent in Baghdad


The Iraqi government says it is going to double the salaries of university professors as part of a bid to stem the brain drain in the country.


Doctors, teachers and businessmen have left Iraq because they feel unsafe.


No exact figures are available and a government spokesman said there was little in reality that could be done to solve the problem.


Under Saddam Hussein around 4m people are thought to have left, among them some of Iraq's top professionals.


Just after the war, some exiles did return, but more than two years on the country's brain drain, far from being reversed, is continuing at a rate that is alarming many Iraqis.


Health service


University teachers will now see their salaries doubled to try to keep them in the country, however the problem is not confined to the campus.


Doctors are fleeing, too, with worrying consequences for a health service already struggling with shortages of equipment and with the number of casualties they are treating

A junior radiologist told the BBC that many of her senior colleagues had left Iraq because of kidnappings and death threats.


"Most of them have fled out of the country and we are in desperate needs for their expertise.


"This is the main problem that we're facing now in hospital. Most of the senior doctors have fled the country and I believe not only the doctors, all the expertise."


And while doctors have been threatened and kidnapped, dozens of university teachers have also been killed.


A senior government official said he believed Iraqi professionals were being deliberately and systematically targeted.




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Guest Mustefser

I personally don't think that increasing sallaries would solve the problem, we need to look deeply into the issue .. During Saddam time, as his policy to suck the unemploment rates within the youth, the universities were expanded so unhealthly to impact the quality of the higher education.. Also people were enruled massively in their education to delay the complusary army service.

To day we need to relook to the un necessary growth and redirect that resources into the needed directions

Shrinking might be one solution to concentrate on quality


As for medical doctors, that was true.. Criminals were targeting them because of financial purposes.. Also some big names were targited by Sadamists to force them to leave the country as to creat a medical crises.. Increasing salaiers for thos doctors would not not encourage them to return.. Improving security will do

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Guest Guest_Tajer
Increasing salaiers for thos doctors would not not encourage them to return.. Improving security will do


Agree.. Today an Iraqi policemean is getting 120 dollar monthly salary.. Just imagine, a very decent rent is costing 100 dollars, how he can manage his living? Some one who is paying very hight price in defending these doctors and university professors!

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Guest Guest

Sadam was paying his security police more than 10 times what he paid the doctors and professors, nevertheless they didn't leave the country.. for one reason, they love to be there. But with no security they do.

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