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Baghdadee بغدادي

Our children

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There are a lot of injured and ill children in Iraq . It will be very nice if each iraqi family who is livng outside Iraq invites one of those children. We need the help of the humanity organizations because we can not do anything without their help , and these organizations invite few people, so where are the others and are we going to leave them dying ?

We must do something to our country because sending money and clothes are not enough.

In Aliraqia broadcast they talked about the phisically retarded but they do not have any soution , they do not know what to do , and we saw a boy his name is Husain Basman from Abu Graib , he and other children are suffering from a strange disease , the doctor says that the hospitals do not have antibiotics to save their lives , they do not have machines or equipments. Husain s father is very poor but he has to buy 20 injections each costs 700 dolars and these injections are only found in United States!

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