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Baghdadee بغدادي

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This question was brough up in another post

Why Muslims are not free to interpret Koran?

I think it deserves to be a hot issue post by it's own


Moron99 wrote




It is as if you come upon a starving, thirsty, and injured man. You offer him some water from your canteen. But he grabs your canteen and throws it into the grabage - claiming that it is drugged and that you are trying to rob him. So you offer him a piece of your food and he spits in your bag - claiming that you are trying to poison him. You offer him a bandage for his injury and he throws it back at you claiming that you have infected it with diesease and now you are trying to kill his entire family.


What do you do?

ورد هذا التساؤل على عمود اخر واعتقد انه يصلح ان يكون عمودا ساخنا


كتب مورون99

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>كيف

انه كمن  يحاول مساعده شخص عطشان وجوعان وجريح, تقدم له بعض الماء  ولكنه يخطف جرابه مائك ليرميها في القمامه متصورا انها مخدره وانك تريد سرقته

عندها تعرض عليه بعض مأكلك ولكنه  يتف في جعبتك متصورا انك تريد تسميمه

تعرض عليه لفافا لتضميد جراحه ولكنه يرميه بوجهك مدعيا انها ملوثه وانك تريد قتل كل عائلته


ما العمل

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شكرا لبغدادي اثاره هدا الموضوع الحساس والمهم


تذكرني هده التسؤلات بحادثه قديمه فلربما التاريخ يعيد نفسه ولربما يتبع الاحفاد من التكفيريين الجدد سيره الاجداد من الخوارج


يوم وقف ابن ملجم بين يدي الخليفه الرابع الامام علي ابن ابي طالب , متخفيا بانه رجل من حمير جاء طالبا عطائه

يومها نضر اليه الامام قائلا " "وما يحبس اشقاها؟", لم بفهم الخارجي ما قصد الامام


بومها تمثل الامام بقول الشاعر

اريد حياته ويريد قتلي عذيرك من خليلك من مرادي


Moron's questionairs brought to my mind astory in early Islamic history about the fourth Khalif Ali Ibn Abotalib asking same question when faced with similar situation when he delt with Kharejees [1]


Historians mentioned that upon meeting with the Kharjee who was planning to kill him on a belief that Ali is an infidal, he recited a known Arab old peom

I wanted his life and he want my death.


[1] Many Moslims think that Salafee teachings are stemed from Kharejee's’

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Below is a letter I got today that warn from anew techniques the Sadamist and Qaeda terrorists are doing

Stop a civilian car on check point on a hight way pretending of being a police check. Then get the driver from the car, plent a bomb with remote control. After finish , give the driver a document and ask him to pass by nearest police station to check his name from the computer.


Follow the car by some other crimals , and explod it when reach to the Police check or station!


I hope this would be considerd by some westren media as new techniques that REBELS are developing in RESISTING occupation!!!




الله يساعدكم يا شباب شلون الاحوال والله يعينكم ويفرج عنكم


عيني  شباب  بس  فد تنبيه حبيت أكلكم بيه  وهو أجو شباب  من بغداد وقسم من محافظات ونقلوا النا فد خبر وأقسم على صدقه  وهو منطقي الخبر هو 

أن الخنازير  في  بعض المرات  يوقفون سياره لاي شخص  ويطلبون منه ان ينزل بحجه أنهم شاكين به وبالسياره ممكن محمله  ويأخذون السخص في جهه  والبقيه ينشغلوا بالسياره وبحجه تفتيشها وبعد فتره ساعه  أو أكثر  يخبروه انه أنسان برئ والسياره ما بيها  شئ ويعطوه  رساله  عدم أعتراض أو  شنو تسموها سموها ويطلبون منه أخذ الرساله الي  دائره أو مركز شرطه معين  ويكولون اله  روح اهناك  حتى  يحطون اسمك  بالحاسوب وحتى مره ثانيه محد  يوكفك  وطبعا الرجل أخذ  السياره  وحمد الله  على هل  العطف من هل  خنازير ولكن هو بدأ يشك بالرساله وهل الفيلم  وبعده فتره  من السياقه شعر اكو أصوات بالسياره  فنزل  وشاف التايرات والبقيه ما لكه  شئ  بس بعدين فتح  صندوق التاير  السبير  لكه  هل شرفاء  محملين من الاشياء  حتى بعدين  يسوها بالرموت كنترول  وأنشاءالله أفتهمتو الي  كلته  وأفتهمتو  اللعبه وغدر  هل الخنازير  المهم بس ردت اكلكم حتى  لو  الخبر  مو صحيح  ولو هو منطقي ومتوقع  خلي  ناخذ  الحذر  والله يستر عليكم ويحفظكم من هل الخنازير  والمشتركين معهم بقتل هل شعب  والسلام

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A good question by some non Muslim friend ,:how we can diffrentiat Salafees from Moslims?

Note :I personally don't consider Salafees as a Moslims faction, they are more as political party..

This is very imporatnt to isolate Salafees from Muslims, alot of non Muslims might mix between them. The westren libral media is keen to mix them, that is why they call the Qaeda "MOSLIM terrorists"

Please pass these notes to any one that you think intersted, we need to start acampiagn to protect our brother Muslims from terrorists.


First of all have a look to the mosque he /she goes to.. If it is with Shia or Alzhar Sunni appointed Imam , then threre is no issue.. If the mosque is run by non of those , then there is apossibility of 50%


Second.. Look to his face , if it is ugly with no life , then 70% he is.

Third , look to his robe, if it is short, then 100% he is.

Fourth, Ask him if he/She follow Ibin Taimia a scholar that issued Fatwa of accepting killing Shia and non Muslims, then 70% he/She is.


Fifth, Ask him how he thinks about Mohamed Bin AbdAlwahab, if believe in , then 100% he/she is.

Sixth, if his femal wife or duaghter is wearing head cover, then if not covering the whole face , then no problem.. If it is covering the whole face with opening around the eyes only, then 90% he/She is.. Note some Muslims women wear head covering all face without opening but a mesh in front of eyes..




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