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The latest issues of two magazines read widely by the British and American intelligentsia may be of interest to members of this Forum.


[1] New York Review of Books, 11 August 2005, which has the following articles:

--- Peter Galbraith, "Iraq: Bush's Islamic Republic"

--- A review-essay on 5 books on jihadis, by Max Rodenbeck

--- A review by Brian Urquhart of Richard Haaass's book, The Opportunity: America's Moment to Alter History's course

--- Christopher de Bellaige, "New Man in Iran" [the newly-elected Ahmaninejad.


Their website: www.NYBooks.com




[2] Prospect August 2005 which has the following articles:

--- "Dying to Kill -- Interviewing a British Jihadist"

Much more than just the usual 'we want to cut your throats' stuff -- the interviewee talks about the background and motivations of the current generation of suicide bombers.

--- A critical review of "The Power of Nightmares" [reprinted from The Nation].

--- Two other articles on Islam in Britain


--- An article by Tamara Chalabi [a relation?] on the problems of the people working on Iraq's new constitution.


Their website: www.prospect-magazine.co.uk


I would be interested in how accurate these articles are, if anyone who lives in Iraq would care to comment.



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