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Baghdadee بغدادي

Life in Portugal

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This is my first time posting here. I have no arabic keyboard to post in Arabic but at any rate I'd like to share my experience that I found bitter-sweet.

I've moved to Lisbon, Portugal on November 2004 from Baghdad. I'm already a quadrilingual despite being 17, Portuguese not included. Coming from a moderate Muslim family. One of the few Iraqi/Arab families living here.

Been around a number of European countries other than my birth place, Italy. And upon moving to Portugal, I found out that this tiny little forgotten country is a well-hidden paradise that people often miss for a part of Spain <_<

For the first time, I found an European Population that doesn't actually discriminate against Arabs or Muslims. Somewhere where you don 't get "The Evil Look" when you say you're a Muslim Iraqi.

Yeah, there might be a bit of ignorance going on. Like the I-lost-count number of times when people ask me whether I'm Jewish cause I'm speaking a weird language and that I don't eat pork. Not that I have anything against Jews...but hey, I'm not jewish so what's with the kosher-food kind of thoughts? And then the other thing is that I speak no Portuguese and that my main language is English that happened to sound so American... they think I'm American, but I correct them anyway :huh:

Eitherway, when they actually know that I'm Iraqi, they're ever so kind and ever so interested (With levels of ignorance that could be embarrassing at times!) in my culture. Not that I know that much to "Enlight and enrich" them, but creating a bright image is a good idea.

Upon leaving Baghdad, which I loved cause it was my cozy home, I was unsure about the form that my life is bound to take. Specially that I knew exactly what life is like for Arabs in Europe. But I guess I'm one of those few lucky people who landed at the right spot. This place seems to have it all; Developement in the European sense of the word, Tranquility and PEACE, The Style (Which you only find in Europe...not even in The States!), kind and non-discriminating population (With a funny, fancy language but nevermind that!), AND sunny weather and beaches B)

Well...I believe it hardly even pops into our heads to spend vacations in Portugal (Not mine, at least!) let alone moving here. But despite missing home...I feel like I've found a home already. Never like the old one...but...still a home ^_^ Bitter-sweet life...I might never be able to set a foot back home again...but I was given a new home in return :)

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hi everyone,i am new to this forum and as i see it is a low traffic one but i really hope it gets bigger and better.


i live in amman,jordan now,and as for many if iraqies here i hope it is only a temporary stay so i want to get out to the western hemisphere cz everyday is worse in baghdad and i think it is only a matter of time before the worst nightmare happens.

so i want to ask you apocalyptica how frustrating it was to land in old europe?

and how well are you accomodated to this new environment?

hope to hear from u soon


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