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Baghdadee بغدادي

The 101 Commandments of Saddam Hussein!

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I was looking through The Book of Numbers in the Old Testament when it occured to me that Saddam Hussein's 101 Commandments were just a lame edition of Moses's 10 Commandments and the revelation of mount Senai. Of course, it had occured to so many people before...but why would a man try to re-write a version of history, 3000 years old, into contemporary world like that?

Such an impressive number. 101 (Reminds me with Disney's 101 Dalmatians! Well, hello I'm 17 so that's like recent past!). I wonder who took the trouble of writing them all, because I don't believe that his "creative" brain could come up with THAT much blabber at once. Oh Lord, they were so lame!

101...even God (The Lord, Yahweh, Allah...has nothing to do with S. Hussein), didn't say that much. What was he really trying to do? Out-number God with the number of commandments? Immortalize himself though 101 commandments, thinking that if some got lost the others will be remembered? Impress the population by claiming the superiority of brain...showing in being able to come up with that much stuff?

I remember being at highschool in Baghdad and having to actually write compositions in Arabic and having to use those commandments within, and I remember turning papers blank once, cause I had no idea about the way I'm supposed to come up with nonsense to go with his nonsense, my brain's apparently a bit inferior to his when it comes to triviality, hypocrisy and atrocity. I remember trying to memorize them, I pretty much remember the trouble with that because they don't even link!

What was the plan? Become a prophet and then become God? What would make him a "Moses"? I hope he wouldn't claim that drying the Marshes was parting the Red Sea. I hope he doesn't call making the sky pour death upon the unfortunate population of kurds in Halabjah "The bloody rain". One thing he's done right, this time. He's drawn our poeple to what seems to be the beginning of the 40 years in the desert. 40 years of starvation. I wonder if the time he's spent as a president counts as a part of those 40 years.

What does he have to do with God the Almighty? He could TAKE life, but so can any of us, if we just lack some human characteristics. But could he GIVE life? No. Immortalize himself? Control our fates? He's done that for a while but he's neither immortal nor invincible "enough" to carry on doing it in a "Godly" way. Is he fair? Is he loving? Is he caring? Does he hear us as we plead and does he help us when we need? No he doesn't.

For the years that I was aware of myself living under his rule as an Iraqi, and those are few because of my age, I've never respected him. I would have respected him had he stood and fought for the chair that made a man out of a nobody, the president's chair that he's occupied for years, let alone the country that had owed him obey for years. But no...he hid. Not like he's betrayed me as an Idol, but if I had a chance to face him I would ask him this.."Why hidest thou thyself in time of trouble? "

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