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Baghdadee بغدادي

The Iraqi Tsunami

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I got this by mail.. Any one expect such thing to happen under Egypt Pheros before the Iraqi ellections of January 2005?


"Mubarak Arrests People For No Reason"


Hostess: "The leader of the movement and two members are with us. Let's

get to know them and see what this movement is about. Good evening."


Children: "Good evening."


Hostess: "Muhammad, you are the leader of this movement. How are you?"


Muhammad: "Allah be praised."


Hostess: "Muhammad, your slogan is 'children for change?'"


Muhammad: "Yes."


Hostess: "What change?"


Muhammad: "Changing the regime."


Hostess: "The regime or the system?


Muhammad: "The regime itself. Mubarak."


Hostess: "The president."


Muhammad: "Yes."


Hostess: "Why, Muhammad?"


Muhammad: "Because he arrests people for no reason."


Hostess: "He arrests people for no reason?"


Muhammad: "Yes. For no reason. He has done more bad things than good."


Hostess: "That is what you think."


Muhammad: "Yes."


Hostess: "Okay. I want to ask you a question, Muhammad.  In order for

you to think this way, your environment – your relatives, friends, and

family – might have been oppressed somehow, or something happened in

their lives to make you want to rally your friends and brandish the slogan

'children for change.' What happened?"


Muhammad: "On July 30, they arrested my dad."


Hostess: "Why was he arrested?


Muhammad: "They claimed he broke the law."


Hostess: "Does he belong to a religious movement?


Muhammad: "No, no. He was protesting."


Hostess: "In a demonstration"?


Muhammad: "Yes. In a demonstration. After that, I said that if Dad

wasn't released within a week, Allah willing, I would establish the

Children for Change movement."


Hostess: "And your father did not return within a week."


Muhammad: "No, thank God, he did."


Hostess: "But you had already made the decision."


Muhammad: "When Dad came home, he saw we were upset.[He said,] 'You are

upset because of 48 hours?' He took us to the Prisoner Day convention.

We saw the wives and mothers of the prisoners speak and they affected

me. After that, I said I had to establish the Children for Change




"Mubarak Beat People With a Whip"


Hostess: "Muhammad, you are in 7th grade?"


Muhammad: "Yes."


Hostess: "You're 12 years old.  I'll return to you, but I want to ask

'Omar… 'Omar, you are six years old? Six and a half?"


'Omar: "Yes."


Hostess: "You support change too. What do you want to change?"


'Omar: "Me?"


Hostess: "Yes."


'Omar: "Hosni Mubarak."


Hostess: "Why, Muhammad?"


'Omar: "He is Muhammad, not me."


Hostess: "I'm sorry, 'Omar, I called you Muhammad. Why do you want to

replace him? I want to tell you something. If someone wants to change

something, he must experience it for a long time… I want to tell you

something. You are mad at your school, because you sit there for a long

time, and you get mad and say that you want to go to high school and not

elementary school, right? You've been alive for six years, three of

which don't count because you were a little baby. What bothers you? What do

you want to change?"


'Omar: "I want Hosni Mubarak to be replaced because he arrested people

who have done nothing and beat them with a whip."


Hostess: "He beat them with his hands? With a whip?"


'Omar: "No."


Hostess: "Then how did he beat them?"


'Omar: "With a whip."


Hostess: "Oh, with a whip. He grabbed a whip and beat them. You think

this is unjust?"


'Omar: "Yes."



"The Elections Are Forged, No One [but Mubarak] Can Win"


Hostess: "Ihab, have you heard about the elections?"


Ihab: "Yes."


Hostess: "Don't you think that in these elections, if someone gets more

votes than the president, he could be the ruler, the new president?"


Ihab: "It's difficult, because the elections are forged, and no one

else can win."


Hostess: "Who told you the elections are forged? Did you read about it

or did someone, your dad or mom, tell you?"


Ihab: "No. No one. I saw it myself."


Hostess: "What did you see?"


Ihab: "I saw the forgeries. They swap the ballot boxes in the





Hostess: "What bothers you most in the country?"


Muhammad: "What bothers us the most?"


Hostess: "You, you, Muhammad."


Muhammad: "For example, when I walk down the street, I see children

whom no one cares for. They search for food in the trash. You can go see

it with your own eyes."


Hostess: "That is what bothers you most?"


Muhammad: "Yes."

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Very intersting clips for some speachs by Moderate Shia scholar Shiekh Iyad Jamal aldeen.. Shiekh Jamal is an Iraqi religious Imam who feld the country in 1979 to Iran then to UAE. He return back after the fall of Saddam. His father was a well known Najaf shikh that used to be a geat peot.


Please have a look and listen to the speech and the translation to English

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Why does Jamal proffer such a western point of view? Are we to believe that there are other Iraqi who share his views? I would have liked to hear the rebuttals and counter arguments.



Also, who was the heavyset fellow with the white hat? He looked very uncomfortable. I almost got the impression that Jamal was aiming criticisms directly at him and that he had no honest reply.

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Indeed he is speaking the moderate shia language which was there even before the renausance ages!

For those who might be surprised with the above statement, I recommend reading more about Shiasm and history.

I can say most Shia of Iraq "excluding some islamists" are talking same language as Shiakh jamal. However we need to be careful here. For those Shia when critisising political Islamic rule, that might not go to the extent of demolishing their islamic beliefs. What they simple say is that the political Sunni ISlamic teachings and behavings were not islamic..


The Shiakh with the white hat is a Lebanies Sunni Shikh from Trapoli in North of Lebanon, where today a lot of Qaeda operatives are gathering specially after the kick out of their no. 1 rival, the Syrians.. Some body told me that they are building their network under different names with an incourage by Hariri's Suadi friends financial support.. I amn't sure of this but just heard of it

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