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Baghdadee بغدادي

رسالة من محمد

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Dear Iraqies,


Wish all of you and your families Great Eid, and may God bless you and give you patience to bear homesickness.


I am still in Baghdad doing very well. Quit my job few days ago and Inshallah start my own business after Eid.


A brief of what happened here in Ramadan to show you that it is never boring here, since we have all this in one month;


Weather was crazy (as usual) the month started with heat over 40c, then a sand storm for 2 days, and the last 2 weeks suddenly cold for October (less than 20c at night) so people did not have time to lay carpets (remember this painful tradition :-) and getting their winter clothes out of the traditional huge cases. Now some people wearing light T-shirts and shirts, others wearing heavy clothes with a distinguish Naftaleen odor (I am sure you all recall the smell). The clothes market and business people are having the same problem, and now when going to shops there is a funny combination of woolen sweeters and jackets next to short sleeves shirts and heavy jackets only Alaskan use.


Politically, you may know most news about referundum. I think it was great since more people voted. For me it doesnt matter if people say "Yes" or "No" as long as they say something. This is democracy and all of us understand, but some people still think that screaming at coffee shops or using their arms can stop that. These are really harmfull and luckily not many try to stop Iraq from being the first real democracy in region. In my humble opinion saying "Yes" would get Americans out of country sooner. After announcing the news of constitution passed and aproved, many people went out to streets hunking and dancing, but they were fewer than expected. Two days afterward there were many many more convoys of civilian cars and fireworks. First I thought they were weddings, but nobody holds Sistany's pictures in such occasions, then my friends told me they are people celebrating constitution, cause when it was approved it was the remembering of Imam Ali wound and death. The best thing happened on voting day (or did not happen) was nobody killed and no explosions. It was a success for Iraqi army and police since they took over all responsibility of security all over Iraq that day. At end of the day I was having a violet index, and feel great even before counting ballets and approval.


Saddam trial was another incredible thing occured in Ramadan. The trial made me feel really proud of Iraqis. Most people agree on trial. For me it was a great resurection from bloody culture controled the country in the last 50 years to democratic trial showing directly on TV. Many people who lost loved ones thought the judge was too nice and even a trial is more than what sadam and his gang deserve. Some who were doing very well and living in a different world during sadam rule were upset to see the Leader in a cage. But overall it is justice and the government did not put sadam in the hole, therefore he was preparing himself for much worst fate than a trial if people caught him and not americans.


Few funny highlights during the trial; sadam was very nice and using words he never used before like "execuse me", "Sir", and "Hathartak" when talking to the judge. Other thing when the head of formal Thawra Court asked for his 3gal. Four comments I heard about that; first the court spent time to get them their 3gals more than it was enough for him to decide executing 10 people (a fact), second when a man is in an Arabic tribal court then he is not allowed to wear 3gal and sometimes even put it around his neck. Third, when an Arabic guy has a disaster or been humilated he take off his 3gal and thru it to the ground until he get back his degnity, obviously for these guys were in court it wasnt enough disasterous neither humilating to be there. Forth and last, even in the army when you go to a trial or introduced to the commander acused of something then you have to take off your cap and belt. Barazan was by far the funniest. He first looked like the guys take fees from Coasters at public garages gates (Garagiya), then he was hiding in his 3gal, and during that he was like a naughty students sits at the back of class and wants to prove (for some reason) that he is good now, raising his hand with a question frequently. We all remember how the name Barzan was terrifying when mentioned in Iraq


Over all, God is the greatest and blessed us to see such day and feel sad when such people are really nothing, but caused Iraq millions of victims killed and many more millions crying on their graves, plus losing the last 25 years of our lives.


Few days ago I was watching TV with my parents and brother, and suddenly start laughing loudly. Haidar asked me "What? its only news" I replied "Can you hear the new dictionary used on TV and even between us? Can you believe that on Iraqi TV and when reading local news most words used are Election, Human Rights, Parties, National Assembly, Elected Members, Constitution Approval, Parties Coalition, Federal, and others? I still can not believe whats happening".


Market and business are doing great. A friend works in clothes business told me few days "The market is like a wale, swalow everything". Standards of living is more than 20 times 3 years ago. government employees and teachers spending like crazy after having to sell most of their belongings starting from late nineties. few days ago I was saying at home that services are realy bad like water and electricity and its all because government mistakes. My father told me with a big smile that this is the best government ever, cause his retiring salary increased more than 40 times, and thats enough for him and he doesnt want from a government more than that. Obviously he forgot the currency rate, cause his raise is much more than that. Before 2003 he was earning less than US $3 (7750 Dinars) a month and now about 340 Thousands Dinars, which is more than US $220, due to higher rate of Iraqi currency.


A wise taxi driver told me lately "Eid is your pocket, if it is full then Eid is great and vice versa". I wish this Eid is a start of many happier ones to come for this great country.


Sorry for being so boring, but its your mistake when you encouraged me after the election email. Wish me to be busy soon to free you from such headache :-)))))


Thanks and looking forward to see all.





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