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About The Reconciliation Conference in Cairo

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About The Reconciliation Conference in Cairo

(organized by the Arab League)


Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds finally found something they can agree on. They are jointly demanding that the United States set a timetable for withdrawal of its troops from their country.


By calling for an eventual U.S. withdrawal, the Iraqis are buying time and perhaps also slowing the drift toward civil war. They can work on new security measures that might actually make a U.S. pullout feasible over the next two years.


AND ----- They link any U.S. pullout to development of Iraqi security forces that can co-opt and contain the insurgency.


ALTHOUGH ------ "We support the insurgency, but we don't support the suicide bombings," Sunni politician Mishan Jabouri said.


WHAT IS galling to ALL AMERICANS in the Cairo statement is its endorsement of the Iraqi insurgency's "legitimate right" to resist U.S. occupation. Too many U.S. troops have died from insurgents' bombs for that to go down easily along with billions of US dollars to give IRAQIS a brighter future.


AND EVEN THOUGH ---- THE AMERICAN plan WAS pitched to Sunni tribal leaders as a way to liberate? (TURNOVER) Anbar from the Americans (to Iraqis). The USA (and now IRAQS ) goal is a 6,000-man force that can eventually secure the Euphrates River valley, from the town of Al Qaim along the Syrian border to Ramadi. So far U.S. Marines are said to have trained ( AND EQUIPTED ) about 350 Sunni troops, with another 1,200 in the pipeline. (personally, I think that number is higher)


For Americans and Iraqis who have been putting this desert force together, the aim is that it will provide an Iraqi "hold" in the new U.S. counterinsurgency strategy of "clear and hold." Explains one of the Sunni tribal leaders who organized the project: "We would like the force to be strong enough for the U.S. to get out."


It's not surprising that the Iraqis want liberation? (US Troop WITHDRAWALS). But most Iraqis are wise enough to understand that a sudden U.S. pullout would be a HUGE mistake.


What's the definition of success in Iraq? Perhaps Americans and Iraqis are converging on a similar formula: a stable, unified Iraq, at peace with its neighbors -- without U.S. troops. < the ONLY goal of AMERICANS .


That goal is still a long way off, but Iraqis will feel they are making some progress if the new government elected in December can at least begin discussing the terms of an eventual withdrawal. It would be good if the U.S.-Iraqi project were again focused on liberation rather than occupation.


SO --- IRAQ repays AMERICANS with a "legitimate right" of SOME Iraqi/s to resist U.S. occupation (by killing them ?) while allowing them to stay for awhile because IRAQIS are not able to protect themselves from the TERRORIST ?


How disgusting is THAT?




I had to re-write the authors article above TO REMOVE his anit-war, anti Bush rhetoric and bias in the name of common decency.. it can be found in its entirety here:


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The only ones really screaming for a US withdrawal is the US MSM.

Of all the Iraqi issues ignored by MSM,

the only news worthy to be printed in america seems to be this demand to leave Iraq.

The only Iraqi voices worthy of quoteing in the western MSM are the baathists minority demanding US withdrawal.


freedom fighters demanding withdrawal is also given front page headlines....never mind the headless bodies MSM refuses to mention

are part of the torture tactics used by the fredom fighters to keep loyal followers in line. :rolleyes:

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Have the view of the editor of NT !





Iraqis Getting Together

Published: November 24, 2005

"Iraqi Factions Seek Timetable for U.S. Pullout" is hardly the kind of headline the White House wants to read these days. But it refers to a joint statement by Arab Shiite, Arab Sunni and Kurdish political leaders at a conference sponsored by the Arab League in Cairo this week that represents one of the more encouraging developments in Iraqi politics in quite some time.


That it was, remarkably, agreed to by all three ethnic and religious factions raises hopes that these same groups might yet be able to agree on mutually acceptable constitutional amendments after next month's parliamentary elections. Almost as heartening, it came as the result of the most constructive and successful effort so far by Iraq's Arab neighbors to assume some responsibility for guiding Iraq toward a peaceful political settlement.


And finally, it filled in no specific dates for the desired timetable, thereby bridging the gap between Sunnis, who favor an early pullout, and Shiites, who want to see any American withdrawal tightly linked to the achievement of clear security milestones, including the recruitment and training of capable Iraqi security forces. In the past, that kind of difference would have guaranteed bitter divisions. This time, both sides made crucial efforts to draft acceptable compromise language.


It is, of course, easier to draft vaguely worded statements at international conferences than it is to work out tough practical issues like power-sharing, minority and women's rights, and relations between civil and religious law at home. The situation on the ground in Iraq these days is scarcely encouraging. But the Cairo conference was a notable step in the right direction that now needs to be followed up, both in the discussions on constitutional revision and in a larger, Arab League-sponsored conference scheduled to take place inside Iraq next February.


This page has not supported a precipitous United States troop withdrawal from Iraq based on an arbitrary American timetable. We have encouraged Iraqis to recognize the need for speedy, measurable progress in taking control of their own security, and for a spirit of constructive compromise in agreeing on constitutional amendments to guarantee democracy, human rights and national inclusiveness.


At least some Iraqi leaders now seem to be moving in that direction.

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Reading through the confrence agreement, I felt so sorry for those writers in NT and washington post.. May be there is not official translation for it that made them so happy readin through a reporter Mr. Hasan Fatah. After a long sielence by the westren media, he came up with his understanding to it..

Please go through the original text that I posted in Arabic and copied from Iraqi goverment official web site..


here some briefing s

1- There is no such thing of accepting the insurgence as resistance. The clause said that any nation has the right to resist any occupation. Though it never called the multi national forces as such. The agreement also said that all violance in Iraq is a terrorists acts.


2- It called for DEMANDING to set a time table for the withdraw of ANY forgien forces that based on SETTING a definitive time table for building Iraqi forces and in full compliance to both US resolutions about Iraq


3- The acceptance by all parties to the political process and to respect the will of Iraqi people as it come bythe next ellection



Having the points above in mind, please reread the NT and washington post articles


Yesterday Aljaafree commented on those who keep calling insurence in Iraq as resistance and that they kill Occupiers. He said Americans are in Iraq to protect the political process and they are in Iraq on request by the ellected governemnt and they are not occupiers. Any attack on them is attack on the goverment. He was talking to the Iraqi national assembly members who were discussing the security issues.. He repeated his point that he made in the Cairo confrence, saying that the resistance is those who beleive in the political process, those who fight Sadamees and Qaeda terrorists.

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