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Baghdadee بغدادي

Shia in Jordan

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In Arabic

The article is on Suadi sponsored Alrabia tv .. The writer is talking about Shia in Jordan.He admitted that SHia in Jordan have no right to excersize their religion. He cliamed that there is very small minority of Jordanian Shia in the north villages but after the huge migrations of Shia Iraqis and the new stand of the Jordanian government in being open to all religions and sects, and the fight on Islamic extreemisim, Shia are planning to build their first mosque in Jordan.

He said that the extreem Sunni believe of most Jordanians make it very hard to make the moderate Shia thinking the way to their accepatance of seeing such a mosque.

He never asked why Jordanian Shia's are blocked by law to excerise their religion in acountry that is selling itself as the oasis of religion freedom in Middel east!


I personnaly met some Jordanian shia from vilages in Erbid ten years ago, thare several villages around Erbid with majority shia , however they told me in wispering that they are practising their religon away from public and the are practicing Sunni Pray in public because they affraid the attacks by Sunni extreemists. They told me that this is not a new thing but over the last hunderds of years.. It was an Ottman empire role of torturing Shia all over the empire. Some thing that Jordanian government with help of british had follow.

Today the article by arabia is widely considered as an idirect way for Alqaeda terrorists to choose their targets away from their fellow Sunni hardliners of Jordan!

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