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Baghdadee بغدادي

cartoon wars

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I do not know if this news is reaching people in Iraq but I think it is important. It goes to show how depraved the queda's are and how willing some mideast governments are to comply. The danish imams who started the mess are of the extremist/queda supporting variety. Their actions and desired consequences leave little doubt as to the depravity of these individuals.


Last fall a danish newspaper printed twelve drawings of mohamed. A danish imam was very upset but could not get his followers to take any action. In order to stir up support he toured the mideast showing a portfolio of fifteen drawings to various people of power & influence. Of the cartoons that are causing such a stir, three of them were added by the danish imam. Although it has not been precisely determined, evidence suggests that the three additional cartoons were created by the danish imams. When questioned of origins they refuse to provide the name of the person who gave it to them, the accompanying letters, or any other verifiable/traceable evidence. Most investigators are convinced that the drawings were created by muslims because of their cultural acuity. At the very least, they were fraudulently included in the imam's portfolio. The three fradulent cartoons are of substantially lower production quality and are substantially more offensive than the genuine cartoons. The three fradulent cartoons distributed by the imam depict 1) the prophet as a pedophile 2) the prophet as a pig 3) a praying muslim being raped by a dog. Three months after the cartoons were published the imam presented his fraudulent portfolio to mideast governments. Shortly therafter boycotts were started and embassies were burned.


This story is still unfolding and there are certain to be many more twists and turns. But since Iraq is the only country in the mideast with freedom of press and freedom of speech then it seems only fitting that Iraqis should have the full story. I hope someone will translate if this information is not already known.

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Please have a look to the above english replies


thank you for the link. However, the english replies do not seem to fully convey the gravity of what is unfolding. Perhaps it will be understood if I am more direct.


It appears that the danish imams created the most offensive images in order to blame others.

The false cartoons were obviously different from the others and their fraudulent nature was easy to verify (since the original twelve had been published months before). Government controlled media and mosques intentionally overlooked the fraud and propogated false information.


To summarize:

an extremist imam created the three most offensive images in order to blame others and incite anger. mideast governments and mosques knew that they were forgeries but willingly promoted them.


My western mind can not understand why muslims are not concerned about this. I can only assume that they do not know.

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