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Is civil war a possibility?

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Salim wrote the following as a reply , It might need a better attention

A friend of mine asked me why I am not so worried about civil war threat in Iraq.

It was a question that might go both ways, either I don't care about Iraq or that I really don't think this a real possible scenario YET.

While my personal commitment to follow Iraq daily progress might be convincing that I am not in the first category, what about the second.


I believe that the civil war is a possible but it is not the right description to put the current situation under.. Why?


First of all a civil war can happen any where. In Ireland between Protestant and Catholic. In USA between Afro american and whitees, In Quebec between french and british decedents . In egypt between Copts and Muslims. In pakistan In India , In China, Russia , any place you name it. The issue is always not about the possibility but about if there is enough public driving force to ignite and then naturally maintain such war.

In Current Iraq there were a very huge efforts by some regional and international organizations to ignite such war.. However the natural force to maintain it is not available. The ALQaeda sick mind did all what any body can imagine to spark it, the western liberal propaganda harmonized by some Pan Arab factionist media tried their best to politicize such conflict. However there is no one sign till now that Iraqis are responding to such campaign on any measure.. all what is happening is that alqaeda operatives , supported by Sadamists, used some sunni arab factionist fears to legitimize the killing and terrorizing of Iraqi shia . Faced by a limited response by mainly Almehdi Army personals in areas of contact to protect Shia community after the large fail of the American and government to protect people. They attacked some who are thought to be terrorist or linked to ..


There is still the big question, What is the percentage of alqaeda sympathizers in Iraq among sunni Arab? The other question is about if such fears reaction by Shia could be extended to include sunnis in general?

To answer these two questions , let me claim that Wahabee sect, the qaeda nurturing school of thought, had never penetrated the Iraqi sunni community at any significant scale. That is very clear during secular saddam era who fought that ideology at the beginning then turn to allow it at later times and it is the case after the fall of the regime.. Any one can tour around sunni mosques in Iraq to find that there is very limited influence of wahabism thoughts ..Most Sunni Iraqis are hanafees, which are considered by salafees Jihadist as Kafirs , same as Shia. Indeed the main two mosques of Sunni Iraqis are the mosque of Abo Hanifa in Adhamia and Al Kailani in central baghdad, both of them where build beside the shrines of prominent Imams, some thing wahabees consider non Islamic. That is why they had attacked shia shrines in Kerbala and Najaf in the nineteen century and that is why they keep refusing shia calls and rights to rebuild the destroyed Shia imams shrines in Almadina in Saudi Arabia till today..


However the Sadamist Qaeda coalition had created a different short term mechanism that encouraged some Sunni arab to support Alqaeda missions in what they thought fighting back to the Shia domination.. But once they found such support had never succeeded to stop Iraqis and to be going to cost them the ultimate price of losing every thing by igniting a civil war in a place where they are minority, they immediately distant them self from that coalition and started other ways. Encouraged by the American smart policy of showing open hands that went so far to appoint a sunni Muslim American at the highest position in American embassy.


In his letter Zarqawee was regretting such stand by majority of sunni Iraqis calling them "Murjia" that follow their easy materialistic interests. As a Jordanian he was very surprised by type of Sunni Iraqi mentality of conciliation with their cousins Shia Arab.. Coming from a narrow mind nomadic style society he was unable to realize that the Iraqi Arab society had ran into its own chance of historical hegemony despite all efforts by sunni state policies of keep the two sides a part, specially during the last thirty years. Indeed Alqaeda policy went to the worse of the interests of the Sunni Arab. It weakened their case and showed them as terrorists, it encouraged the shia arab widely divided groups to unite.


On the other side, the fear feelings among Shia was not directed toward Sunni's , it was always toward those wahabist who legitimize Shia killings. There is no even one call by any Shia political or religious figure to retaliate on the Sunni broad bases. Indeed it is considered as a shame among Iraqis to call to other side by it's name. Iraqi Sunni who support Shia killing, call them persians. On the Shia side the call came under the name of Nawasib, which for some ignorant be interpreted as Sunni. Indeed the nawasib is a historical description to all those who hate Imam Ali, In Arabic " Nasab Ali Aledaa" while sunni are strongly believing in Imam Ali. For them He is the fourth Khaleef and the husband of Prophet daughter. Historically Nawasib was first used to call Khwarig who fought Imam Ali fourteen hundreds years ago. Khawarig are a very small sect of muslims who believe that all Muslims are kafirs as far as they don't strictly believe in their ways. A lot of Muslims today thought Salfee Jihadist as the new Khawarig.. So the Shia propaganda was never based on anti sunni banner . Indeed Muqtada who is using the Nawasib naming is the one who keeps strongest calls to unity of Shia and sunni..Today a very common practice by Baathist propaganda machine, is to point to the current Iraqi security issues as a result of fight between the zarqawees and alsaderees..


As for the current crises of scattered killing on identity or very limited people cleansing. It is very clear this is happening in the regions where sadamists and jihadists keep a strong hold specially in the farming areas around baghdad where Sadam planted and encouraged some brutal sunni arab tribes to reside . Most of their adults were part of Sadam security apparatus. .. But we need also to not underestimate personal criminal motives.. a friend on mine told me in one incident that the owner of a house wanted to force a tenant to leave, Iraqi courts prohibits that, he recruited some one to send the tenant a letter threatening them to leave on faction bases. Nevertheless ,in west baghdad neighborhood where some shia cleansing is really happening, those who do it never claim these doing as against Shia but against government secret informative. In the east baghdad , where very rare Sunnis were forced to leave , those who do it claims the victims are Zarqawee supporters, never say they are sunni.


I think the current escalation is partly a long term plan by Sadamists to ring Baghdad by a shia free islands controlling the main roads that connect the capitol.. They think in the old believe that who ever controls Baghdad can control Iraq. They know that such control can't be granted with such larger shia percentage and strong presence of Almehdi army in alsader city. The current Almostafa mosque unfortunate incident might be one sign of their penetration into the American army information collection process. By trying to misleading the Americans , they are leaving the hard job of fighting the almehdi army to the americans and to jump on later to collect the gains while they have the strong ring seal around baghdad, that is after the tired Americans ran away. I noticed in clear evidences that Sadamist propaganda machine after the Samara golden mosques bombing and the sudden emergence of the Mehdi Army as the real threats to any possible baathis return to power, , the Baathist focused their attention to warning from the Alsderes leaving their continual claims of Bader death Squads allegations. They even cooperated with some of their Sunni Arab politician allies to stand firm against Alsader ally Aljaafree at a time dropping Aljaafree would automatically bring in Dr. Abdul Mehdi, the BAder SCRI leader. !!


Indeed the well done managed respose by Alsadrees to the Mustafa mosque incident was to show that they might be fully aware of such plans to drag them to clash with American Army. . Today Rice in her reply to question by a reporter about the American stand toward the militia, she was so smart to emphaziz that there is no place for any militia in a democratic country, however this need to be delt with after the government succeeded in fighting back the terrorist. I don't know if my interpretation to her comment was right though. There is no doubts that new Iraq need to be a country of law and order with no place for any militia or race or factions based miltia.. Being Beshmerca, or bader or Mehdi or old Sadam miltia of baathists criminals. Any cleansing of Iraq from these miltia need to come through a well timely balanced managed program that is ran by the united national governemnt to assure rights of all. And not to the anti new Iraq groups timing .!

Some one might reasonably feel this scenario to be based on very wide imagination and extra ordinary fears. However those who experienced sadamists recovery after the three fatal defeats in 82, 91 and 2003, can tell better about their plans.


I am not trying to say that there is no possibility or to lessening civil war current threats, but to describe what is happening today as a civil war might be a another way to ignite it and not to pin point to it's threats .. On good intentions , such claims might be for serving a narrow political interests of some losers!


Just to articulate my point .. Look around, Iraqis main demand today is security. No nation ran into civil war had security as THE main demand at the beginning of such war, it was always the call for revenge.. Something that no one can claim Iraqis are asking for on any significant dimension.. Even for Shia who paid the very high price , their open hand policy to the sunni side is amazing while killing to Alqaeda at same time!

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Egyptian president description to the current security situation as a civil war and the Suadi forgien minster confirmation to such description might flag many questions.

Why Iraqi leaders are denying it if it is really happening. One might say such denial , supported by american officials reports, are comming as part of denial to the fail of current political process. such point need to be throughtly investigated


It is well known that qaeada and sadamist strategy is to ignite such war, and that they work all possibilities to see it happening. It might be understandable that Iraqi and asmerican politicians keep dynying such thing, at least to please them self. The real question though is why some Iraqi politicians and Arab anti Iraq fredom are keep insisting on it. That is in full support by liberal westren media.



A question that I might comment on later..

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Just to understand how stupid the statement by the Old Egyptian president and why it got such wide ouraged response by most Shia in the world , excluding the Iranian of course, let me give an example.

It is just like he comes up with statement saying, that the fight with Alqaeda in USA is a civil war as there are couble of thousands die in one day. And that all or most of American muslims are believing in terorism more than they do in their living country..

Just imagine what such statement might be considered. Isn't it considered as a support to terrorist? how American mUslims would react.



Now , is he really so stupid to say such a ruppish or he is aiming to some other thing.?

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ِAbbas kadhum wrote this article for Alahram newspaper..



The demonization of the Arab Shia wherever they live in the Arab world is not new. In modern times, this practice began by the ideologues of Arab nationalism who revised history and created a scapegoat for the failing of their ideology, having been supported by intolerant religious leaders. The symptoms of this folly then moved fast to the mostly semi-illiterate part of the Arab masses and finally found its way to the corridors of politics. The Shia were said to be responsible for the killing of the third caliph, Uthman, the wars against the fourth caliph, Ali, the killing of Imam Hussein, the fall of the Umayyad state and the fall of Baghdad in the hands of the Mongols. Hence, Shi`ism came to be considered, as Ahmed Amin put it in his book Fajr Al-Islam, 'a refuge for anyone who wanted to destroy Islam'


In the current times, this practice is on the rise. The most recent accusation by Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak that the Shia 'are mostly always loyal to Iran and not to the countries where they live' were preceded by statement of King Abdullah of Jordan alleging the rise of a 'Shia Crescent' threatening the region as he perceived it. While the allegation of the Jordanian king was a novelty so absurd that even he did not stand by it, President Mubarak's statement is more deep-rooted in the minds of many people who suffer from the Shia scare.


The corollary of this statement is that the Shia are traitors and potential domestic enemies to their own countries. It is highly disturbing that the president of a major Arab country would think in this manner about a population that, in his words, amounts to 65% in a country such as Iraq. It is no wonder that the Shia of Iraq view the silence of Arab governments towards the atrocious crimes of Saddam Hussein as a sign of consent, if not encouragement. After all, for Arab governments and many in their intellectually sequestered populations, the Shia are nothing but 'Iranian agents' who represent the worm in the otherwise very healthy Arab apple.


As an Iraqi Shia, I have seen during my entire time in the country discriminatory practice of the Ba'athist regime, which was a continuation of the past governments ever since the Ottoman times. There had been walls after walls between the Shia individual and any rights if this individual refused to sell his soul to the devil; the devil being the armies of regime security institutions whose only job was to hunt down 'domestic enemies' the agents of Iran and America at the same time, mind you!


It is past due to set the record straight, at least by visiting a few facts as this limited space may allow. In spite of centuries of Ottoman abuse against the Shia of Iraq, they sided with the Ottomans against the British after World War I and fought the British in the 1920 revolution, which forced the British to give up their plan to annex Iraq. For all of their sacrifices, they were not given even one ministry. And until 1936, the entire senior officer corps in the Iraqi army had one Shia officer only, a major named Husain Alwan. Furthermore, of all the coups and conspiracies against the Iraqi government in 1936, 1941, 1958, 1963 and 1968, none was a Shia affair. It goes without saying that the war against Iran, financed and praised by Western and Arab countries was fought by the alleged 'Iranian agents,' the Shia, who paid the heaviest casualties.


There is no question that the Shia feel certain affinity to their coreligionists in Iran. But this is a far cry from the allegation that the Shia are traitors. Sectarian affinity, however, does not capture the whole story. Our Arab brothers have done nothing to embrace us, as they keep demanding proofs of 'loyalty', whatever that means. From the organized atrocities in Iraq to the denial of our existence in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. This abominable hostility among the Muslim community has lasted for centuries because no sustained effort was ever made to end it. Indeed, it has always been more fashionable to compete in adding more fuel to the raging fire.

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In Arabic.. Education Iraqi minister " A sunni Arab" denounce the Egyptian president sattement. Alrawee said, 99% of Shia in the south are Arabs, the president might get fooled by some one..He said that if there is a possibility for civil war then it might be happened three years ago.

Just an article about the Iraqi citizens taking issue with Egyptian president.

And Mubarak doing a little "damage control".



Thousands of Iraqi Shias demonstrate against Mubarak



15 April 2006




NAJAF, Iraq - Several thousand Shias demonstrated in Iraq’s holy city of Najaf Saturday to denounce remarks by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak questioning whether their loyality lay with Iran.



“Mubarak, traitor,” chanted the crowd assembed in the center of the city, also calling on Mubarak to “remove the Israeli flag”, a reference to the presence of an Israeli embassy in Egypt.


On Saturday, Mubarak tempered his April 8 remarks to Al Arabiya television that Shias were more loyal to Iran than their own countries, by explaining that he meant it in religious terms, rather than political ones.


“My remarks about Shias dealt with their religious loyalties and sympathies, without putting into question the patriotism of Shias in Iraq or any other country,” he told the government weekly Akhbar al-Yom.


The comments were denounced by the governments of both Baghdad and Teheran, while the Shia imams described the 77-year-old Egyptian president as “ignorant” and “nostalgic” for the previous regime.


Saturday’s demonstration follows on a smaller protest that came after Friday’s weekly prayers.




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A note from the Moderator: Because of its importance, this post was revised and re-edited.



In Arabic there is a quote "An excuse, sometimes, is worse than the guilt"


Indeed the old Egyptian president had chosen the wrong message to excuse his ignorance at the wrong place.

First if that is what he meant by accusing the Shia Islam around the world to be loyal to Iran in the religious sense, then he might need to remember that the central "Vatican like" for Shia is Najaf in Iraq and the tradishinist Al-Sistani today is the undisputed Pop of Shia. Yes the Iranian revolutionist Ayatollah Khamanie is claiming Grand Marjia, but it is local to a very small scale support that can't be compared to Al-Sistani. Mubarak may rely on his supervisor’s ignorance to say that he might mean Iranian figures and not political system. If that is the case, then he needs to know that Najaf was the centre of Shiasim over the last thousand years and that the Imams of Shia are all Arab descendent of the prophet while the four Grand Imams of the four Sunni sects are Persians or non proven Arab. As for Al-Sistani, he himself is a decedent of an Arab Alawi (prophet decedent) family who fled to Iran during the great oppression on Shia and he used to live in Najaf over theast 50 years of his 67 years!


As to where Mubarak chose to post his apology, it was another wrong doing that fails to fulfil the blessing of the outraged Arabs of Iraq who feel ashamed that an Egyptian, who doesn't know from which Arab tribes he is decedent from, is accusing them not to be loyal to their countries. First, ALAKHBAR is not a government official newspaper. Second, he should stand to the moment by facing people on same Saudi-sponsored TV Channel to give the full apology not to re-interpret his clear mischiefing words


A Non Iraqi reader might not understand the level of hurting that such statement had made to the Iraqi Arabs feeling. In Iraq, most families are still keeping their family trees that shows their ancestors of more of a thousand years. Iraq is a frontier Arab country that Arab tribes are very sensitive on such issue. Egypt is a newly Arab transformed country where most of population are from non Arab so this might not be a very critical issue..


Today, Al-Merbid, the famous Arabic poet festival had it's start in Basra. Al-Merbid is a very old Arab tradition, when Arab poets race with their new poems. Saddam had used to transform it as part of his regime propaganda machine, where some greedy poets from all around Arab world came to praise his regime and left with a pocket full of oil coupons money. This year most of the attendees were real day to day Iraqis. The Deputy minister of Education Mr. Jaberee had a very touching opening speech. He commented on Mubarak's remarks. He said that those who want to donate 14 million Iraqis to Iran needs to remember that Iraqis were the ones who taught others how to read Arabic but unfortunately they misread Arabic and might read in English! He was referring to ancient Arab Basraian scholars who invented "Tahreek" (arabic vowel signs) to help newly transformed non-Arab to read Arabic text. The Deputy added also in another point that they should know that Condoleezza Rice is not governing Iraq. He added with a big admiring smile, that "though she is the most beautiful wonderful Foreign Minister I ever saw". Attendees were applauding him so hard with a lot of cheering !!

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The president of Egypt, in his informal defensive comments in AlAkhabar newspaper, mentioned that he doesn't discriminate against Iraqis whether they were Muslims or Shia, etc.


In his comment he’s even done more damage to his cause, he is discriminating against Shia by putting them in a different categories than Muslims.

It is like you saying I don't discriminate between Catholics and Christians. Would that be acceptable by the Catholics?

This proves to me how shallow those Arab leaders are.

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The president of Egypt, in his informal defensive comments in AlAkhabar newspaper, mentioned that he doesn't discriminate against Iraqis whether they were Muslims or Shia, etc.


In his comment he’s even done more damage to his cause, he is discriminating against Shia by putting them in a different categories than Muslims.

It is like you saying I don't discriminate between Catholics and Christians. Would that be acceptable by the Catholics?

This proves to me how shallow those Arab leaders are.

Is it possible he was misquoted?

His quote;" he doesn't discriminate against Iraqis whether they were Muslims or Shia "

It's almost like he was saying Sunni Arabs are at war with Persian Shia but not Arab shia.


The Sunni arab leaders fear a nuclear Persia.


I saw an article that Mubarak is rounding up political leaders and putting them back in jail.


Now is it because of recent prisoner releases in Egypt and Saudi Arabia that a rise in attacks on Christians in Egypt has resulted?

this is an al Jazeera article link.[/size]

Second man dies in Egyptian unrest


An Egyptian has died of wounds sustained during clashes between Copts and Muslims in the city of Alexandria as more communal violence marred Palm Sunday, medical sources and witnesses say.






more at the link but I have two points.



The way I understand al Jazeera and how they report is this.

What they will not say is;


"An Egyptian Christian has dies of wounds sustained during a clash....."



Mubarak has a growing problem of unrest that will not be reported in the western MSM.

The way al Jazeera reports it wothout adding their "editorial opinions" to the story is doing western MSM a favor.



Denial isn't a river in Egypt ( but MSM can deny stories out of Egypt this Easter season )




(The word "denial" and "the Nile" (river in Egypt ) sound very much alike in English ) -just meaningless play on words humor.

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In Arabic, a report by American gov sponsored radioSawa about the last appology by Mubarak which was worse than his first mistake. Famouse writer Dr. Alnafees , professor of Medical college of Masoura in Egypt showing his woderings and upset about the second mistake which might worsen the accusation by excluding Shia from Muslims. " Same allegation that most Salafees believe in " . Dr. Alnafees called for Egyptian gov to have a better attitude toward Shia ..

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Guest About Adhdamia riots

Below is the press release by the Iraqi governemnt


According to the release, Terrorists from different groups had gathered in Adhamia and over the last two months. They spread rumers that Interior ministery forces are planning to attack Adhadamia among majority Sunni neighborhood. The Discret it self is under control of Defence ministery forces . Around 50 terrorists , wearing police uniforms, attacked the Iraqi military base at night. Where a sever battel had happened. The governemnt is denouncing any irrisponsible statemets by some political parties to cover or twist the facts. The ministery of interior had no any involvement in the incidents.




دائرة الاتصالات الحكومية في مجلس الوزراء - احداث منطقة الأعظمية



جـــــمــهورية الـــعـــراق

مجلس الوزراء- دائرة الإتصالات الحكومية

العلاقات الإعلامية

بيان صحفي / Press Release

الأربعاء 19-4-2006


بيان صادر من دائرة الاتصالات الحكومية في مجلس الوزراء


على ضوء ما تمت مناقشته في جلسة مجلس الوزراء لهذا اليوم حول احداث منطقة الأعظمية اصدرت دائرة الاتصالات الحكومية في مجلس الوزراء بياناً يوضح حقيقة ما حدث وفيما يأتي نص البيان:



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



اجتمع مجلس الوزراء هذا اليوم الموافق 19-4-2006 وتم مناقشة احداث منطقة الأعظمية، ضمن جدول اعمال جلسته ويود المجلس ان يبين مايأتي:


تأكدت معلومات استخباراتية في وزارتي الداخلية والدفاع ومنذ شهرين ان عصابات الارهابيين من الجيش الاسلامي وكتائب ثورة العشرين والتوحيد والجهاد وتنظيم القاعدة وبعد ان فشلوا في كافة انحاء العراق من خلال انخفاض نسبة العمليات الارهابية في الموصل وتلعفر وديالى وتكريت وسامراء والمنطقة الغربية اصدروا تعليماتهم بتوجيه العناصر الارهابية الى بغداد للظهور المسلح ولتقويض حالة الامن والاستقرار في المدينة لما تمثله من ثقل سكاني وسياسي واعلامي وروجوا اشاعات مغرضة مفادها انهم من مغاوير قوات وزارة الداخلية وقامت هذه الجماعات المسلحة بالرمي على معسكر للجيش من خلال هجومين مسلحين مستخدمين فيهما قذائف الهاون والقاذفات والأسلحة الخفيفة منطلقين من ازقة وشوارع منطقة الأعظمية، وبما انه يتم في حالة معالجة أي وضع امني في اية منطقة في بغداد والمحافظات من خلال التنسيق المشترك بين قوات وزارتي الدفاع والداخلية والقوات متعددة الجنسيات، لذا فأن الحكومة تستغرب من تصريحات بعض المسؤولين في الكتل السياسية عما حدث من اعمال عنف في مدينة الاعظمية، حيث لاحظ ابناء الاعظمية الكرام ورجال الدين ووسائل الاعلام كيفية بث الاشاعة المغرضة بين صفوف اهالي المنطقة وتحريضهم على حمل السلاح والتعرض على القطعات العسكرية اكثر من مرة ولاحظ اهالي المنطقة ايضاً الضبط العالي والروح الوطنية التي تمتعت بها العناصر العسكرية العراقية في ضبط الامن في المنطقة ومعالجة المسلحين فقط دون الاعتداء اوالمداهمة واعتقال اي مواطن، حيث كانت المعالجة منضبطة من وحدات الجيش ولم تتدخل قوات وزارة الداخلية بأي واجب في مدينة الاعظمية وهذا ما يؤكد بطلان ادعاءات البعض الذين يحاولون بكل الوسائل تشويه صورة العناصر الامنية في الوزارتين ويكشف زيف وكذب هذه الافتراءات.

ان الحكومة سوف تقاضي كل من يحاول بث النزعة الطائفية وتحريض المواطنين على فتح النار على العناصر الامنية التي تمثل سيادة الدولة والقانون استناداً لقانون مكافحة الارهاب.

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What had happened in Adhadamia was kind of expected. Over the last two eeks, Bathists and their supporters had a very intensive propaganda spreading rummers that Alsader Mehdi Armi will attack Adhamia " a majority Sunni neighborhood in east Baghdad. They even posted flyiers supposdely printed by Alsadrees that clearly refer to the Main Sunni mosque of Abo Hanifa.At that time the Bathist rumer machine said that this will be the scenario if Aljaafree step down. Many people in Adhamia whom I contacted, told me that this is just a propagnda that Baathists and their Qaeda supporters are trying to speared to raise the sceterian tention in that mixed part of the city. I already refered to these in some of my comments on Moqtada Alsader's letter tlast week that Alsadrees are not critically asking for Aljaafree and that All iraqis need to unite.


Then all of a sudden this breaking voilance happened over the the last four days. Today I called some friend in Adhdamia, they confirmed to me that a non usuall calm is there excluding some fire near to the Mashatil but no longer there. A friend of mine told me that on Monday she went to her school in Eshreen street when she noticed the school be occupied by What she Called " Qaeda" militia ! She also noticed that some Mosquea where also filled with what she called STRANGERS. She also told me that there many strangers who occupied some mosques and schools and asks locals or force them to donate money and food to them, so they can defend them .

Different people talk different stories. In general those who are in sympathy with baathists, say that Shia Militia men dressing in police attacked the discret while those who are anti Qaeda and bathist say that hundereds of terrirst had entred Adhamia and started the violance by attacking the Army bases at night " that is also the government story". No one for sure knows the exact details , however it seems that the governemnt forces " Defence" are restoring the security and that many terrorists had beed captured or killed.


The religous sunni Tawafuc spoeksman Alanni went yesterday with the first story though not giving any proves to his allegations.


I personally think this to be a nother baathists and Qaeda terrorist plan to ignite a civil war . They chose adhamaia because they keep a very strong base among some locals their. Also because the nieghborhood is heavily mix and easily errupt civil unrest . I don't think they will be achiving any luck here too. Most of those whom I talked to were fully aware of these plans and were full with more angry with all damages than with factionist feelings!

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you said


A friend of mine told me that on Monday she went to her school in Eshreen street when she noticed the school be occupied by What she Called " Qaeda" militia !


She also noticed that some Mosquea where also filled with what she called STRANGERS. She also told me that there many strangers who occupied some mosques and schools and asks locals or force them to donate money and food to them, so they can defend them .



This is an excerpt from this very short article. Is your friend familiar with this district ?

"Two terrorist groups beheaded two teachers in front of their students in the Amna and Shaheed Hamdi primary schools in Shaab district in Baghdad," a ministry statement said.



Anyway, as fast as this short article was reported, there was a fast denial response tucked away in a later article. Said the event never happened.


But last month it happened to an English teacher.

the event happened in Ramadiand

was burried deep in another story about various events in Iraq;

Sunday, March 26, 2006; Page A14


.......more violence was reported across Iraq, including a terrifying incident earlier in the week in the western city of Ramadi.


On Wednesday, armed insurgents burst into the classroom of Khidhir al-Mihallawi, an English teacher at Sajariyah High School, accused him of being an agent for the CIA and Israeli intelligence and beheaded him in front of his students, according to students, fellow instructors and a physician at a local hospital.


One teacher, who spoke on the condition that he not be named because he feared retaliation from insurgents, said that most students ran from the classroom but that some stayed to watch.

Many stopped coming to school after the incident, he said.

Another teacher, who said he moved his mathematics class to his home to accommodate frightened students, said Mihallawi had earlier been threatened because he worked as a translator for U.S. forces in Ramadi, a hotbed of the Sunni Arab insurgency.



His only crime was teaching English , he was not a spy of some imaginary zionist,imperialist forces of darkness.


If the Iraqi government doesn't get their hous in order soon,

only boys will be allowed to attend madrassas in some parts of Iraq.

They teach the ways of darkness and destruction,not an English teacher,trying to educate his students in the best way to communicate and interact with the outside world.


Will the forces of darkness destroy more teachers next month? Only to have our MSM ignore and bury it as not important to what liberal westerners need to know ? When people hear about beheadings in the west they think al Queda...many in the liberal west do not want to hear about beheadings in the news as it disturbs them :rolleyes:

Hearing about these al Queda activities should be on the front page news but people in the west have political agendas and want to talk division at home if it will gain them power.



Salim, could you follow up with your friend if her school on Eshreen street is near this school in the Shaab district ?

There was a follow up story to the Shaab district that denied anything bad even happened at the school.

Could those in charge of security in that district , if it was Iraqi or US, be embarrassed that it happened ?


Of course, maybe it is possible it never happened but why would a Ministry of State for National Security go on record and say it happened at all?

Iraq neighbors deny teacher-beheadings claim

Ministry said 2 teachers 'slaughtered' in Baghdad primary schools


MSNBC News Services

Updated: 12:04 p.m. ET April 19, 2006

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Local police and neighbors of two Baghdad schools where gunmen had reportedly beheaded teachers in front of their students Wednesday said the slayings never happened, despite an official statement to the contrary.



So where is the truth?

If beheadings happen again,and it seems possible based on what happened last month,

will the next story also be hidden so the west can ignore it?

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My friend is living in the Adhdamia discret .. Eshreen street is not in Alshaab discret where that " supposdely " incident of beahding might happened>


As for the Beheading, the misntery of Education denied such act . There were some news circulated by Arab media internet websites with no official confirmation to it. Then the ministery spokesman came on Iraqia TV to officially deny it. I don't know why MSN twisted the facts saying it was reported by misistry officials.!

As for the last month other report of beheading , there was no any official confirmation to it.

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