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Baghdadee بغدادي

Kam K story

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An Iraqi American friend of mine wrote the following commenting on an article refering to parents in America


I am one of those parent.I was raised in Baghdad, Iraq until I was 17 years old. I did not even had 10% of of the kids had in America back in those years. I never had a new shoes in my life until I came to America. Never had a new tennis shoes until I came to America.Never had my teeth fixed or seen a dentist until I came to America.Never seen a doctor for ailments (only one time where a friend (Dr. Jawad khalaf loaned me 1/4 dinar to see a doctor for dessentari) until I came to America.Never had a bicycle until I bought bicycles for my own kids born in America.Never had a brand new suit or pants until I came to America. Took all the dangerous risks crossing the river Tigris swimming and never knew how to swim. Jumped in the river from the bridge escaping the police arrest after I got shot at during a student demonstration and never knew how to swim .Climped the tall palm trees bare footed for few dried dates for lunch and never knew danger. Came to america to go to school and never knew where america was and with only $60.00 left in my pocket to pay for college fees.Got married to one of the American sweetheart and with only $10.00 in my pocket that was given to the court for fees and came to my room with not even food to eat that night . MY ROOTS MADE ME WHAT I AM NOW. I HAD A LOT FRIENDS ,KIND RELATIVES AND A GREAT LOVING FATHER AND NO REAL MOTHER AND I READ A LOT OF BOOKS AND PLENTY OF DREAMS THAT ALL CAME TRUE AND MUCH MORE IN AMERICA. THE AMERICANS TRUSTED ME LIKE NO OTHERS AND I PUT ALL MY TRUST IN AMERICA AND THE AMERICANS. THANK YOU AMERICA AND THE AMERICANS AND THANK YOU IRAQ AND ALL THE GOOD IRAQI FRIENDS. AND YES, I AM ONE OF THOSE SCIENTISTS AND INVENTORS LIVING IN AMERICA AND I OWE IT ALL TO AMERICA AND THE AMERICANS , IRAQ AND THE IRAQIS. AND I AM PROUD TO BE AN IRAQI AND PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN ALSO. WHAT MADE ME THAT WAY IS MY GOOD ROOTS IN IRAQ AND MY GOOD PARENTS , IRAQI FRIENDS AND RELATIVES IN IRAQ AND THE LOVELY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, COUSINS AND NEPHEWS THAT ARE SPREAD OUT WORLD WIDE ESCAPING THE WRATH OF SADDAM HUSSAIN AND HIS CRONIES.



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