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Baghdadee بغدادي

Bush on Al-Zarqawi

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there is only one poll that counts. it is the election day poll. in the last american election the newspaper polls showed us how deeply the american people disapproved of bush and the republicans. but the election polls told different results.


another american election draws near and I see no reason to believe that newspaper polls will accurately predict election polls. voting for political leaders is a complex decision that invlolves every issue of governance. even the simplistic iraqi war polls do not bridge the gap between projected bias and true beliefs. When it is time to pull the lever americans are like any people in any mature democracy. They do not vote for those who are perfect and they do not vote on those who are most like themselves. They vote for those who will guide them towards a better future. And that's the poll that counts. I wish the democrats would see this. They have a chance to regain power. But they must first demonstrate their problem solving ability by putting together a solid and well reasoned alternative strategy. After the fanfare, emotional speeches, mud-slinging, thinly vieled media bias, parties, and conventions ... that's what wins November polls. Don't expect the republicans to change, regardless of straw polls, until there is a significant risk of the democrats fielding a better plan.


It may well suck but it has already sucked for over 200 years. The result of all that sucking is one of the greatest nations ever created and a people who have never known anything except freedom and prosperity. So ... all things considered, I'm cool with a political system that sucks.

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Today's news confrence by Iraqi security advisor was very promising.. It reminded me of those days before Zarqawee's death. Alrubaie too was very confident of reaching the guy. I have a feeling that the Amesry " the egyptian" is already under the close spot and it is a matter of days before The Iraqi governemnt announcing his capture or death.


The ring is so closed after the Anbar trips leader intifada against the qaeda terrorists. Unfortunately , a leader of Islamic party " Islam brother hood" who is part of the Maliki government denounced the tribes shikhs accusing them of being non popular and they should feel a shame! Mr. Karbooly added that they are hotel residents and should let us , the trench residents do the job.. A spokesman for the tribes accused the aprty of collaborating with Qaeda and of stealing the mony of the local Anbar governemnt ...

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