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Baghdadee بغدادي

Iraqi Political Parties

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I have a question: What are the major Iraqi political parties at the moment? Or are there too many to tell which ones will become major? I am wondering because I would like to know if Iraq would have a single Shia fundamentalist or Theocratic party, or several. I also would like to know where the Iraqi "center" is, or if it even has one. I suspect its too hard to tell at the moment, as the Iraqi people aren't used to making their own political decisions.

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I found this small excerpt from this much larger article ;


Two weeks ago, the U.S. occupation authority decided to form a paramilitary unit to track down insurgents. The unit, composed of Iraqi militiamen from the country’s five largest political parties, will work with U.S. Special Forces soldiers, and their operations will be overseen by U.S. military commanders. Since the summer, the CIA has recruited and trained some former Iraqi intelligence agents to help identify the insurgents.

      Setting up a new intelligence service is an obvious next step as U.S. forces work to thwart daily attacks that have killed and maimed Iraqis and Americans. But the challenges are daunting, especially in a country where the four secret Iraqi intelligence services acted for decades as Saddam Hussein’s main apparatus of control.

      Because political rivalries are acute in Iraq, some U.S. government officials with knowledge of the program said they are worried that various Sunni or Shiite factions could eventually use the service to secretly undermine their political competitors.

      According to some U.S. officials, L. Paul Bremer, the U.S. governor in Iraq, has come to regret his decision to disband the Iraqi army and, similarly, has become more open to using former Iraqi intelligence officials in the new service. In the summer Bremer dissolved Iraq’s four intelligence services, along with the ministries of information and defense.


Not much help. Only hints about five parties.


Also, the article hints about recruiting ex- Saddam supporters.


I would guess ex baathist party members will trade information to feed their families.

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(Translation of Final Historian)


لديّ سؤال : ما الأحزاب السّياسيّة العراقيّة الرّئيسيّة الآن ؟ أو هناك جدًّا الكثير للإخبار أيّ تلك الّتي ستصبح كبيرةً ؟ أتساءل لأننيّ أريد معرفة إذا سيكون لدى العراق شيعيّ واحد حزب أصوليّ أو دينيّ, أو عدّة . أنا أيضًا سيريد للمعرفة أين المركز العراقيّ, أو إذا لديه حتّى

واحد . أشكّ ها صعب جدًّا للإخبار الآن, بينما (كما) يكون الشّعب العراقيّ غير معتادًا على عمل قراراتهم السّياسيّة الخاصّة .

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Here's a list of the parties with web sites listed on Yahoo:


Abu Nidal Organization (Abu Nidal is a dead terrorist, so this party is essentially dead)

Assyrian Democratic Movement

Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party

Constitutional Monarchy Movement for Iraq

Iraqi National Accord (INA)

Iraqi National Congress (INC)

Iraqi Turkman

Islamic Dawa Party (IDP)

Kurdistan Communist Party

Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq (PDK) (not listed on Yahoo, but definitely a major party)

Kurdistan Socialist Democrat Party (KSDP)

Kurdistan Toilers Party (KTP)

Palestine Liberation Front (PLF)

Party of the New Rise (PNR)

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)

Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)

Turkmen People's Party

Worker Communist Party of Iraq


I'd say it's fair to say that this includes most of the major politcal parties in Iraq, or at least the ones who have their sh*t together enough to start looking for international legitimacy. It's worth noting that some of these organizations advocate violence (ANO, for example), and will likely be banned when the new government is in place. Notably absent from the Yahoo list is the DPK (Kurdistani Democratic Party).


Of those "five largest political parties" alluded to in the story, 2 are almost certainly the INC and the INA, as we've been working closely with those groups prior to the invasion. Another is probably the DPK or the PUK (I can never remember which of the two main Kurdish parties is the one we deal with, and which one has alienated us). As for the other two, I don't have a good guess. Hope this is useful in some way. Here's link to the Yahoo page I alluded to:



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A comment. PLO and ANO are not an Iraqi , they are Palestenian organizatios that saddam harborsing. Just like other like Iranian Fighters KHALK.


I don't see one of the most important Communist party of Iraq. The oldest and the most punished by the tyrant.

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As far as the iraqi center.. I think the majority of Iraqis today are not interested in political parties.

In Iraq the worl "poltics" refere more to theology rather than social group.. Over the last fifty years Iraqis had suffered a lot from all those "political " partie, from communist to Islamist.Not mentioning Saddam fashist party .

They are turnning back to the original Islamic Iraqi moderate open mind .. NO for fascisim.. How every does it come under..


Iraqis need to work hard to get back the word "politics" to be more related social activity rather than being a path for narrow minded theologies.


منظمتي التحرير وابو نضال ليستا عراقييتن بل فلسطينتين. اها كبقيه المنضمات التي كان صدام ياويها مثل مجاهدي خلق.


بالنسبه لسؤلك عن الوسط بين الاحزاب العراقييه. اعتقد ان غالبيه الشعب العراقي غير متفاعل مع الاحزاب السياسه.

كلمه "سياسه" في العراق , تاخذ معنى التنظيير العقائدي اكثر مما تعنيه كحركه اجتماعيه. خلال الخمسين سنه الماظيه عانا العراقيين من الاحزاب , من الشيوعي الى الاسلامي. مرورا بحزب صدام .

العراقيون يرجعون بسرعه لاصولهم الاسلاميه العراقيه المنفتحه .. لا للفاشيه تحت اي مسمى كان


العراقيون سيحتاجون لوقت طويل فبل ان يحولوا كلمه "سياسه" لتعني خدمه اجتماعيه بدلا من كونها طريقا للانغلاق الفكري

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I saw a picture of the Iraqi Communist party marching in a demonstration from Zeyad's site I think. Two feelings:


First feeling: Yay! Because I want to see political parties be able to express their opinion, regardless of how wack their party is.


Second feeling: Noo! Because of how wack the communist party is.

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Here is what I got from inside Iraq..

Main stream people don't care about political parties.. That might explain the reluctance by most of parties to the call for ellection..


However there is a greater recognition for the new political figures , especially the GC memebers..

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Guest Tom Grey

I suspect the lack of caring about parties is significantly due to a lack of elections. As people run, those who share similar beliefs with support "their" people; and look for the leaders they most support. Similarly, AFTER an Iraqi has voted for, say Mr. X of the New Free Iraq party, which stands perhaps for human rights, religious tolerance, and rapid hand over of security force control to Iraqis, then the voter will start having a love hate relation with his party. Loving that his guy got in, and did something; and hating that others got in and did other things.


Plus the nearly inevitiable corruption to disenchant any new voters.


Mayors, mayors, mayors -- get the people voting for mayors, get the mayors solving local problems.


Parties will follow. Who the people are will be more important for the first few elections, and who has what base of support.

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