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Baghdadee بغدادي

Democracy in Kerbala ?

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I saw a news show in America called 60 minutes today.

It mentions a situation in Karbala. Many baath party police still in power. Lack of trained experienced police is the logical answer.


The chief of police has been loyal baath party member over 20 years and was loyal to Saddam.

I understand the need for established adminitsrators but this man may have informed the US Marines that a man elected as a city representitive was a

trouble maker.


I didn't catch his name but he has been in jail for over two months.The charges are being kept secret.


The baath party is reorganizing ?


How many deaths of Karbala police have their been compared to other cities of the same size?


How long until power is delegated to the local citizens of Karbala?


How long until elected officials can start work on a city charter ?

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