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Baghdadee بغدادي

article on iraqui "resistance" (translated)

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Here is my quick translation of the article in spanish I mentioned in the other post.

The article is supposed to come from an arabic language london based newspaper: Alquds Alarabi.


The interviewed person is said to be an authorithative spokesman of the "resistance" whose identity is not revealed for security reason.


Neither spanish nor english are my natural language so, please, be forgiving and point out any error/confusion there might be.


I would really like to have comments from insiders iraquis. The thing in Italy is very controversial as I said and in on December 13 there is even going to be a demonstration IN SUPPORT OF IRAQUI RESISTANCE. Not many people are going to partecipate probably but the thing has been very much on the media.



Ok, this is the article:




Interview with a iraqui resistance's spokesman


"The resistance is100 % iraqui"


From the 'Al-Quds al-Arabi'*

CSCAweb (www.nodo50.org/csca), November2003 27

'Al-Quds al-Arabi'

Traducción del árabe: CSCAweb

(Translation from spanish: me ;-))



"Resistance is based on the idea of national liberation, not on loyalty to any particular personality"


Question: Resistance is something everybody is concerned about but who is "the resistance"?


Answer: The resistance is100 % iraqui. It is composed of various parties and people of of different professions: ou can find in it the Islamic Movement Party, the Ba'hat party, nasserists, [sectors of] the army and police, medicine, engineers, teachers and also artists and athletes. So it is no correct speaking about Bin Laden or anybody else behind it - without with that questioning his jihad - : we iraquis have the ability and possibility of fighting and we don't need others support that is now needed in Afganisthan. Our desire is that americans and british will be throwned out from all parts.



Q: Won't this negatively affect the resistance movement?


A: When we say that the people is on our side we don't say it is in the organization. We mean their feelings are on our side and this facilitate our moves, and the whole resistance. But the organization is structured in a way that a group is safe if the members of another group are caught and detained.



Q: How many resistants have been detained?


A: Nobody. All detained persons [by the occupying forces] are from the people, but nobody among them is linked to resistance.



Q: Some civilians have died in some actions, how do you explain this?


A: We have just fought against the criminal forces of occupation we did not attack any civilian.



Q: Which role play Saddam Hussein and Izzat Ibrajim ad-Duri? [1]


A: The resistance appraise the militar role of both but resistance has the aim of [national] liberation, not of loyalty to any particular personality.




Oppositions among sihi



Q: What do you think about the assassination of Baker al-Hakim [2]? Who's behind it?


A: There is an internal fight between sihi clerks for the [control of] riscossions of the al-Hawza [3] and to gain influence, this is what lead to the assassination of al-Hakim, days after he came back in Iraq with the occupying forces. Al-Hakim was a collaborationist of the occupants and had been working fo the american and british secret services since many years. Following the information we have got it was a group linked to Iran that commieted the assasination. At the moment it is better not to reveal the name of the group.



Q: Is the GC one of your militar target?


A: Everybody collaborating with occupation are traitor and, for this, legitimate target of our fight - in fact it has been issued a religious edict for that [fatwa].



Q: Are there others linked to resistance apart from you?


A: Yes, there are, but we organize95 % of the operations; between 32 and 40every day that holds an average of 12 american and british soldiers casualties.



Q: Why is there the impression that the resistance is just in the sunni area?


A: Iraq is a united country and we have our way of choosing the right place and time to bring our actions. Iraq is for everybody: arabs, kurds and turkman; sunnis and sihi. In the coming days we are going to broaden our actions to cities like as-Sulaymania, Arbil, Dahuk, Anajaf, Amara and as-Samwa.



Q: Does exist a centralized command taking decisions for the resistance?


A: Yes, it exists and it has a plan realistically and precisely conceived to lead militar operations in all Iraq.



Q: What do you think about the latest declarations of Mohamed Said as-Sahaf [4] about the war days and what happened at that time?


A: It is supposed that there are some secrets that can not be revealed before some time has passed and as-Sahaf's brother knows this very well, but I disagree his point of view of making these public. Pesonally I'm not against it but some members of the [resistance's] command think that there should have had silence over some questions, mainly because the [arab TV] network that transmitted his declarations is loyal to the occupying forces.



Q: What do you think of Siria and Iran position?


A: Siria hasn't obtained much after having guested those spies and traitor [5], and having financied them, the same that Kwait, Saudi Arabia Iran and Jordania and Great Britain did. Iran will not oppose neither Israel [6] nor USA. The claims of pressions [from Iran] are ridicoulous: Iran conspired against taliban and against Iraq giving answer to american questions. [ The american claims about developping ] mass destruction weapons in Iran it is just an act. There is no arab or not arab regime [close to Iraq] supporting iraqui resistance.



Q: What about Jordania?


A: It would be not worth mentioning the squalid Jordanian regime: it was distracting Iraq in the first days of the aggression by allowing american army units entering through its borderline. This regime has delivered militants of Saudi Arabia to the US condemning them to death, now it's devoted to questioning exiled iraquis to raise information about the resistance and delivering it to the americans.



Q: And what about the gulf countries?


A: They have always supported the occupying forces. They are in fact supporting them now. In these countries there are patriotic, nationalist and islamist forces but they are repressed. [...]



Q: On whose support counts then the resistance?


A: We count on God's help, with the support of the people of Iraq and we wait the arab people with its strength, with the strength of muslim world, and that of all the free [people] of the world that are supporting the fight of Iraq people. We just need political action as the boycott of US, Great Britain and Israel products and those of all other occupants countries like Spain, Poland, Italy and Japan, if [finally] get to send troops. We also want the traitors to be boycotted.




Notes of CSCAweb:


1. Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri, vice-president of the Council of the Revolution in Iraq at the moment of his country occupation, recently has been presented by the Pentagon as a coordinator of the iraqui resistance action. Suffering of leukemia (strongly limiting the credibility of the Pentagon claim), the Pentagon offers 10 millions dollars for his capture. Last wendnsday the occupation troops detained in Samarra his wife and one of his daghter.


2. Baker al-Hakim, dirigente del Consejo de la Revolución Islámica en Iraq, establecido en Irán hasta su regreso a Iraq una vez que el país fuera ocupado por EEUU, representaba a los sectores confesionales shi'íes favorables a la invasión de Iraq, habiendo participado en las reuniones mantenidas en el transcurso del año anterior con representantes de la Administración Bush. Al-Hakim murió en atentado en Najaf el 29 de agosto, junto a más de 100 personas.


2. Baker al-Hakim, one of the directors of the Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, established just after his return in Iraq when the country was occupied by the USA, he represented the confessional sectors of sihi supporting Iraq invasion, having participated at the past year meeting with representatives of Bush administration. Al-Hakim died in an assault in Najaf in August 29 where more than 100 people died.


3. Most important sihi religious institution.


4. Mohamed Said as-Shaf, minister of Information at the moment of Iraq invasion (was Foreign Affair before), repeated the consideration made by some arab media that some high militar commands (in particular of the Republican Guard) and of Iraq information services had made a pact with USA to not oppose resistance during Bagdad invasion.


5. Part of the opposition of the previous Iraq regime was residing in Siria.


6. The Iranian president Jatamì has received on November 10 Jalal Talabani, actual president of the Iraqui Governement Council and other 9member of this institution created by Bremer. This is generally considered an official aknowledgement from Iran.

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لم ارى ما يستحق القول عنه بالجديد في ما ورد. ومع ذلك لدي بعض الملاحظات

بينما يحاول كاتب المقال/التحقيق ان يؤكد صفه عدم وجود عناصر غير عراقيه, تكذب بعض الوقائع ذلك. منها حملات التجنيد التي تقوم بها الجماعات السلفيه في الجوامع وخصوصا الاوربيه وما مقتل الرياضي الانكليزي/اليمني في العراق والقبض على الارهابي العربي في حادث مركز شرطه بغداد الجديده الا مثلين واضحين.

السؤال هو لماذا يؤكد كاتب المقال على هذا الموضوع. برأي الجواب بسيط جدا. انه نتيجه للاحراج الذي تسببه حاله الانعزال الغير العادي الذي تعيشه ما تسمى حركه " المقاومه العنيفه" بين الشعب العراقي من خارج اوساط بعض المرتبطين المباشرين وأؤلئك المدفوعين باحقاد طائفيه مقيته.

هل يستطيع كاتب المقال ذكر شخص قيادي واحد خارج العراق او داخله اعلن تاييده لعمليات المقاومه من خارج تلك الفئه المحصوره؟ هل يستطيع ان يذكر تظاهره واحده حصلت في العراق تاييدا لها؟وبالرغم من الانفلات الديمقراطي الحاصل في العراق الان


اما بالنسبه لاستشهاد السيد الحكيم.. الايجد القارئ مفارقه ان يتطرق الكاتب لانفجار النجف ولا يتعرض لانفجار السفاره الاردنيه والامم المتحده المماثل له من حيث التوقيت و الاسلوب .؟ من هو الذي تتطابق اغراضه مع العمليات الثلاثه؟ ثم الا يسترعي الانتباه هذا التزامن الغريب بين صدور فتوى بعض الاصوليين في الاردن وعلى نفس جريده القدس وذلك بتحليل قتل االسيد الحكيم وقبل ايام فقط من مقتله؟

اليس التهرب من المسؤليه عن مقتله كان قد جاء بعد ايام من العمليه وعلى لسان صدام نفسه بعد ان اتضح مدى الصدمه الذي احدثه الحادث في كل الاوساط العراقيه , الشيعيه والسنيه ناهيك عن بقيه الطيف العراقي ؟ الم يكن اجماع العراقيين ذاك بمثابه استفتاء على نهج الحكيم بالمقاومه الايجابيه؟ الم تقام الفواتح الشعبيه على روحه الطاهره في كل انحاء العراق حتى في قلب المثلث في تكريت والفلوجه؟ الم تخرج الملايين في اكبر نظاهره تشييع شعبيه عرفها العراق في تاريخه الحديث؟


ان على اؤلئك الاحرار في العالم من الذين يحرصون على حريه العراق وتحرر العراقيين ان يعوا خطوره المرحله . فليس كل من يركب نهج

المقاومه للاحتلال هو داعيه لحريه العراق فهناك وكما قال المثل العربي "كلمه حق يراد بها باطل"

وخصوصا عندما تاتي من خلال نفس اؤلئك الذي ساهموا بقتل العراقيين وشجعوا على انتهاك حرماته امثال تلك الصحف الصفراء مثل القدس العربي


لقد خرج الكثيرون عندما كان تظاهرهم يمكن احتسابه تاييدا لابقاء دكتاتوريه صدام, وكنا نتلمس العذر لهم بانهم ربما جاهلون لحقيقه ما

يجري وان دوافعهم شريفه ,, ولكن الان فان كل من يخرج تاييدا للمجرمين انما هو مشارك لهم في جريمتهم


ساندوا الشعب العراقي وادعموا نضاله فهوا اولى بالمسانده من اؤلئك السفاحين اعداء الحريه


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Basim A,


Welcome to the board.

Hopefully, we will get a translation.



Thanks for the translation.

The thing in Italy is very controversial as I said and in on December 13 there is even going to be a demonstration IN SUPPORT OF IRAQUI RESISTANCE. Not many people are going to partecipate probably but the thing has been very much on the media.
Well, I hope you report back to us any media story of the even. It may not get any coverage in the USA.

As for the Spanish article,

I did see many interesting points.

Q: Why is there the impression that the resistance is just in the sunni area?


A: Iraq is a united country and we have our way of choosing the right place and time to bring our actions. Iraq is for everybody: arabs, kurds and turkman; sunnis and sihi. In the coming days we are going to broaden our actions to cities like as-Sulaymania, Arbil, Dahuk, Anajaf, Amara and as-Samwa.


I need a map of Iraq that will properly show the locations of these cities.


Judging from this article and the claims that all resistance is internal.

No outside help.Even the border countries around Iraq are of no assistance.

I'm getting a picture.


You know what I think oblomov ?

They may run out of money if all answers were truthfull.


Iraqi Council OKs War Crimes Tribunal

....BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq (news - web sites)'s interim government voted Tuesday to establish a war crimes tribunal to prosecute top members of Saddam Hussein (news - web sites)'s regime, two people who attended the meeting said.




The war crimes tribunal will be formally established on Wednesday, when the U.S. administrator for Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, temporarily cedes legislative authority to the Iraqi Governing Council so that it can create the court.


Coalition spokesman Charles Heatly said Bremer would delegate the authority to establish the court to the council, which he handed picked in July.



The law calls for Iraqi judges to hear cases presented by Iraqi lawyers, with international experts serving as advisers.



In all, hundreds of Saddam aides could face judges on charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, relating to mass killings of Iraqi Kurds and Shiite Muslims as well as Kuwaitis and Iranians, Kana said. Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990 and fought a protracted war with Iran in the 1980s.

Kana said the decision to ratify the law was the council's alone.




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Guest Guest_mutergem

Translating Basim's:ترجمه تعليق باسم


There is no new issues in what was mentioned, however, I would have some comments.

While the writer of the article/report tried his best to deny any envolvement of non Iraqis, yet there are a lot of evidences that contradict such claim. The mobilization efforts by the Salafee's through their mosques especially in Europe.The killing of the Yemeni/british sport man in Iraq and the capture of the Arab who attacked the police station, are just examples.

The question is : Why was the writer emphasized the Issue? The answer is very simple. It is because of the real embarrassment that is caused by the refusal for the violence by all the Iraqi people excluding those related to the old regime and the Salafees. Can he mention one Iraqi figure that declare accepting it , out of that group? Can he mention one Iraqi demonstration that praised such cruel acts? That is considering the absolute freedom that Iraqi's are under today..


As for the Alhakeem mortared.. Isn't ironic that the writer had never mentioned the explosions at the Jordan embassy and UN while mentioning the Najaf one. Though the three had happened in the same way and at same timing. Who have the joint goal against the three targets? Isn't that the killing had came just few day sbefore the explosion, by one of the Islamist/Saddamist in Jordan which was published in same newspaper "Alqus Alarabi" . That Fatwa that legalized the killing of Alhakeem.

Is it true that the denial of responsibility had came just few days after the kill and by Saddam him self.? That is after the great shock that all Iraqi people showed including Shia and Sunni and all others. Isn't that a proof of major Iraqi people accepting Alhakeem way of "Passive resistance"? Weren't the funerals carried on all over Iraq including the hart of the triangle in Tikreet and falooja?

How can he explain that millions people demonstration of Alhakeem funeral, one of the biggest in Iraq history?


To those free people in the world that care about Iraqis liberation, they need to be very careful. As some Arabic traditional say " A right slogan might be used to excuse a wrong".. Not every one who claim that goal is really struggling for Iraqi freedom.Especially when it comes from those who had encouraged the tyrant in kiiling Iraqis such as the "Qudos Alarabi" .


A lot of people had demonstrated when it might be considered as a cree for keeping the tyrant. We tried to find excuse for them as honest that were not aware about the details . But now, any one who praises the killers, should be considered as participant in their crimes.


Help Iraqis and support their struggle for new democratic Iraq, they deserve more than those criminals , the anti freedom one!



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