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Baghdadee بغدادي

Muhaibis the small ring

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Ramadan in Iraq and specially in baghdad is different than any place in the whole Islamic world.. This simply because of the Iraqi unique known Muhaibis, in Arabic " the small ring".. Those who don't know what Muhaibis need to watch Al iraqia Tv on the net at 11 pm Baghdad local time every day.


It is a well known popular game between teams from different discrete and provinces.. The game is to bring as many as thirty player from each team to face another team after Fottor. Each team would accompanied by fans and local music and shunting is the unique flavor of the scene..

Muhaibis is only known in Iraq , no any other than Iraqis play it. the main idea is that there is a ring that is hidden in any of the 60 hands of the rival team and the head of the other team need to go through the stretched grabbed hands and find out where is the ring. That is done using gradual eliminations , each time the head eliminates a hand , there a possibility that the ring is there, if so then the team, who is searching, loses a point. If the head succeeded to get the right guess, then his team will get the ring and the other team need to search for it..


The team who gets 11 points is the winner. The tournament this year is very harsh and there are many hot candidates, such as the Sunni Fadwat Arab, the Shia kadimia, the mix Alhuria. Last week Alsader city lost 1-11 to the Sunni Karkh.. A lot of fun and the game might go for more than two hours. Last week too, Alkadimia head got the ring from the first round for three times .. It needs a lot of experience.!

It is a very interesting message to all those who dream that Sunni and Shia in baghdad might be in war, however, there might be one but to find the ring.. There are plans to consider this as one of the Iraqi Olympic unions.. Who knows , some time we will

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