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Baghdadee بغدادي

ISF Captures Illegal Armed Group Cell Leader - UPDATE

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Iraqis Arrest Shiite Militia Leader



Hopefully it is a good sign that the Iraqis are finally taking on Shiite militia leaders. While not identified as such in the press release, the fact that the group is called "Martyr Sadr" and is identified as an "Illegal armed group" rather than "insurgents" means that this was a group of Shiites. Since he was detained for "smuggling arms", there is really only one country that he could have been smuggling from: Iran.




RELEASE No. 20061212-12


Dec. 12, 2006


ISF Captures Illegal Armed Group Cell Leader - UPDATE

Multi-National Corps – Iraq PAO


BAGHDAD – 8th Iraqi Army division forces, with the assistance of coalition advisers,

detained the head of the Al Kut Office of the Martyr Sadr on Dec. 9, for alleged

involvement in illegal arms smuggling activities and directing attacks against Iraqi

Security Forces in the area.


Based on credible intelligence, he was detained by Iraqi forces because he

allegedly orders his followers to conduct indirect fire attacks and place improvised

explosive devices in Al Kut and An Numaniyah targeting Iraqi and Coalition Forces. He

is also suspected of approving an ambush carried out against an Iraqi Army patrol on

Sept. 11, 2006.


Iraqi Army forces cordoned and entered the OMS and several adjacent buildings to

detain the suspect and other cell members. The suspect was found in the OMS building

along with IED making components consisting of an artillery projectile, 2 rocket

propelled grenades, hand grenades, blasting caps and propellant charges for mortar



Also found were 2 assault rifles, 17 rifle magazines, night vision goggles, a video

camera, tactical vests, cell phones and a hand-held two-way radio



Five doors were damaged by Iraqi forces when entering the buildings. No other

damage was caused by Iraqi or Coalition Forces to the OMS or surrounding area. Iraqi

forces exchanged small arms fire with hostile elements, slightly wounding one enemy

fighter. The fighter was treated by medical personnel on-site and detained along with

three additional armed suspects. There were no Iraqi forces or Coalition Forces

casualties. There were no reports of civilian casualties.


Iraqi Forces are making progress bringing stability and security to Iraq. The results

of this operation reduce the ability of illegal armed elements to operate, and increases

the safety of all Iraqi civilians and Iraqi Security Forces.



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