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ابو احمدعزيزي

يبدو انك لازلت تعاني من الموقع

انت استعملت ريبورت .. وهذا ليس المطلوب

عليك اما استعمال "موضوع جديد" او "للرد"

بالنسبه لمحور "من داخل العراق" لايمكنك فتح مواضيع جديده لانني قد قفلته وجعلته فقط للكاتبين من الداخل

انا اقصد انك تستمر في كتابه مواضيعك وردودك تحت "ابواحمد" فهذا اسهل عليك ولاهميه مواضيعك؟؟


ارجوا اعلامي اذا كان لديك ملاحضات. بالنسبه لموقع البيبيسي

هذا يسمى نشره وليس حواريات.. الموقع السابق لبغدادي كان تشره ولكنه لاينفع للمستقبل لانني اريد بغدادي اشبه بمجله حواريه متنوعه .. وطريقه النشرات لاتنفع لان الافكار ربما تضيع

To Abu Ahmed:

Seems that you still suffering from the new Baghdadee page style..

You need to use either "reply" or newtopic" to publish your articles/comments.

As for the forum "From Inside Iraq", I locked it as to have only those writting from inside Iraq..

I ment that you need to write your posts under "Abu Ahmed" article.. that might make it easier for you to write..

As far as having this debate as in BBC.com, I think it might not do ..we have so many different topics and forums..Need to categorize it for better benefits to all.



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Guest Tom Grey

Great site, good job in setting it up.

I tried to open a new topic in Non-Iraqis, but didn't have permission.

So this is my first post.


Suggestions: a getting started topic with just hints on what to do, first, especially for Iraqis (in Arabic), prolly best with at least a translation of the English buttons.


I hope Iraqi bloggers lead in the Iraqi pressure for democracy, but especially towards free speech.


And include both thanks and criticism of US & coalition soldiers, who do good (hopefully mostly) and (hopefully only ocassionally) make mistakes -- like humans.


I thank you for having an Iraqi board!


Good luck, you're blogrolled for me.

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Thanks Tom.

A topic in your name had been open under "Non Iraqis".. The way it works is by sending an email to open a topic in your name..This is only reserved for those inside Iraq.


شكرا توم

تم فتح موضوع باسمك .. الطريقه هي تبث لي ايميل لفتح موضوع باسمك. المحور للاشخاص داخل العراق فقط

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Copying another suggestion by سمكه عجيبه


A quick suggestion for Baghdadee and the other site Admins…


(I would write this in Arabic, but the virtual keyboard is very slow)


It would probably be a good idea to only allow registered members to post, and restrict unregistered users to read-only privileges.


The topic of Iraq is an a contentious issue in the US with many hard-line opposing viewpoints. The way I understand it, the concept of the Baghdadee forums is to allow for a direct exchange of information between Iraqis and others around the world. This forum will probably get busy really quickly as news spreads about its existence… It takes a lot of effort to translate from Arabic to English and vice versa (especially for long posts), so it doesn’t help matters if users start getting into partisan flame wars between themselves rather than engaging in civil discussion with Iraqis.


Allowing unregistered users to post opens up the forums to mischief and a higher level of flame and antagonistic behavior. If users are required to register before posting with validated e-mails, that may curtail some of the uncivil discourse.


Just my 2 cents or equivalent Iraqi currency.

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سمكه عجيبه

If you need help translating letters/documents from Arabic to English,
That would be very kind of you, as you said, it is very intense. The current volunteered translation capacity is way lagging behind..

Any one is most welcomed to jump in..



What's your copyright/fair use policy for the letters posted here? Are you opposed to the originals and/or translations being posted elsewhere on the Internet to help reach a wider audience?


Our policy is to accept copy/reuse of the originals/translations on the condition of referring to our site link. Currently we are encouraging others to post our materials elsewhere..


It would probably be a good idea to only allow registered members to post, and restrict unregistered users to read-only privileges.

Good idea, however we don't feel it to be necessary till now as we are controlling any such inconveniences. Once it becomes out of our control we might consider such action. The current policy is to make it easier for Iraqi/insiders as they might be unfamiliar with the registration process. Also to encourage those who might be still under the old regime's experiences of not registering their identity even a fake one.


I would kindly appreciate it if you didn't post your graphical logs and signiture, graphics might impact our visitors inside Iraq with very slow connections..


Thank you very much for your support to Baghdadee

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