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Baghdadee بغدادي

What is just punishment for Ba'athists?

Guest Tom Grey

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Guest Tom Grey

In much of Eastern Europe, the commies gave up power in a velvet revolution, but most were not further punished. This allowed many to use their connections to be among the main beneficiaries of privatization and other moves towards a market society.


Iraq would do well to look at East Euro experience, and begin discussing what the right goals for various Ba'athists are. Knowing the more complex it is, the harder it will be to get it right.


I suggest an immediate start at mild punishment for all who joined the Ba'athists -- ineligibility for Iraq oil fund social support. Related is that an "Alaska fund" style fund is established for Iraqis, so the people can directly benefit from the oil. And NOT let the Ba'athists benefit.


Other, more severe punishments should be handed out to the criminal killers, etc., but there should be some punishment to all, since all Ba'athists got some special benefits.


I think. I wish Slovakia had done this against the commies.

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Tom you do realize don't you that millions of people joined the Baath party in Iraq

because it was a prerequistie of their job just as joining the communist party was in the Soviet Union. The firing of all the Baathists regardless of their true loyalties or competency is one of the major reasons the country remains so chaotic. Saddam's, Uday's and Qusay's goons should all be tried by Iraqi courts and if found guilty locked up and or shot. The rest of them should be vetted by Iraqis and those that are competent and uncorrupted should be sent back to work getting the country running again. We did it in Nazi Germany and will have to do it in Iraq too. I don't think Iraqi oil earnings ought to be used for some Saudi style welfare giveaway fund which is exactly what you're calling for. It ought to be used to rebuild the country and then invested in modern education. It's the only way they'll compete with the first world and become a model for rest of the middle east.

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Fully agree with what Guest had mentioned..

We need to seprate between Baathist, Saddamists and those who joined the party for living and without doing any harm to others. The last category might be more than 90% of them party members.


As Baathist we need to understand that Saddam was using Baath party exactly the same way Bin laden using Islam..There are so many good Baathees that Saddam had killed or tortured..That same to how many Muslims that Bin Ladin had killed.


اتفق تماما مع كست

علينا ان نفرق بين البعثي والصدامي واؤلائك الذين انتموا للحزب لاغراض معيشيه من دون ان يؤذوا احدا. والاخيرون قد يشكلون 90% من اعضاء الحزب.

اما بالنسبه للبعثين, فعلينا ان ان نفهم ان صدام استخدم البعث كغطاء كما استخدم بن لادن الاسلام. ان عناك الكثير منهم ممن قتله صدام وعذبه..نماما كما قتل بن لادن الكثير من المسلمين

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