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Baghdadee بغدادي

The transit goverment اتفاق اداره العراق

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It is really the greatest day in Iraq history.. Iraqiies had acheived in 11 months what they had missed in 90 years.

For first time the same table had the honour of having Iraqis to sit and sign on it!

Adter 90 years of struggel we are there the reall owner of that table , no one " Arab , british, americans" have the right to sit on it only Iraqis..

For first time the constitution say's , you must be Iraqi to sit there , no matter if you are moslim or not, no matter if you are arab or not, Shia or Sunni, Just being Iraqi.

For first time I feel that this is part of myself, As one of GC members put " This is your and you have to protect it".. I was taliking to my son who was asking why I am so pleased , I remind him of the American constitution , which he knows very well, I said it is the start of new era that Imam Husain was fighting for fifteen hundered years..

My son sked about how long we need to reach what America is reaching, I replied , all depends on you , son! We had this in your hand and it is all about how hard you would work!

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Some thing to remember:

1- This was a pure Iraqi effort.. Lebaies heed to go to Taef/Suadi in order to get together.. Afghanees need ed help from international community to get it in Germany.. Iraqis neeed de only the protection by great American friends to get it in Baghdad.


2- The item that said " The presidency team would be ellected in group" .. That is really a fantastic one.. This means that rather than having different groups working against each other , now different groups have to work with each other to assure majorty.. Any Sunni/shia/kurd would not get ellected if they miss any ..We will see soalitions from different parties working against other coallitions from same different parties.


3- The item that said " Should be compliant with islamic firm agreed about among all moslims" That is the corner stone of preventing the Relegious Islamic governement, because this is not agreed among all moslims.



4- The controversial item that said " any three states can block the constitution if get majority of two third" I fully agree, this would make any province as important as any of the big brothers.



Tobe cont...

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Commenting on the above article..


The people outside the meeting hall were unconvinced that the US will really hand power to Iraqis with or without election.

Outside ! Where? In Amman or other great Arab capitols , where the king's and prsidents don't have the power of allowing some one in the country before a waking the American president asking for permission.



They also see that the US is going ahead with constructing seven military bases and a huge embassy to house 30000 people.


30000 ! I don't know if there is such number among all American empacies around the world.. As for the bases..They should first question those in Jordon/Suadi/and Qatar..



There is also a plan for Baghdad to become the centre for CIA-MI6-MOSSAD combined operations in the Middle Eas


If you are afraid that this would impact the importance of Amman/Jordan for being number one base in Arab world, let me assure you that Iraqis are way more carefull that youtr fellow Jordianians..So please be patient..

To confirm people suspicion, none of IGC members dared to addresses the issue of drafting a time-table for sending the US forces home.


Not before they see their other " too" nationalist in Egypt/Suadi/Jordon/Qatar/Yamen/OMMAN. and later Libya doing that ..


During the last 12 hours huge explosions were heard near or in the US-established green zone in Baghdad. The Iraqis need to see actions to return Iraq to Iraqis not just words that suit Bush election campaign.


Same which keep killing Iraqis .. Yes Iraqis need and are ancious to see actions, Ther promise that you will see ,some thing different after getting control and when there is no Americans to protect your favirot "Resisitance " folks..


Ironically, the Iraqis have been there before: During a visit to Baghdad in 1932, by British Mr Grine, a known Iraqi poet, Al-Rasafi, Wrote:


With one difference , British have Arab king on the table, while Americans let Iraqis to sit on..

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Guest Guest_Tajer

Got this from a friend...


I am a big fan of Iraq.

  I love it inch by inch from Zakho to al-Fao.

I love Iraq's mountains,

I love Iraq's desert,

I love Iraq's big cities and small villages,

I love Iraq's old and new music,

I love Iraq's poetry,

I love Iraqis' sarcastic sense of humor,

I love Iraq's tea shops,

in short, without Iraq, there is no me!

  Born a Kurd in the breathtakingly beautiful North,

I was taught as a child to speak, read and write both of Iraq's main languages, Kurdish and Arabic.

Oh what a feeling it would be when one day I learn how to speak Assyrian and Turkish so that I could communicate with my Assyrian, Chaldean and Turkman brothers and sisters in their native language!

I love the sound of the speakers at dawn when Iraqis are called to prayer not because of my religious passion but because it is the practice of my people.

I love the bells of the Iraqi churches on Sundays not because of my Christian views or lack thereof but simply because of my Iraqiness.

  You see comrades, I would like to ask of you a small favor, I want you to please look at the word IRAQ, look at it, now picture it on Ahmad Radhi's jersey,

picture at on the Atlas,

picture it in the index of every book where civilization is mentioned,

picture it at the United Nations, picture it on your passport.

  Th e secret is very simple, to love Iraq and Iraqis without exception is to not think of Iraq as Saddam Hussein, as those in favor of the occupation and those opposed to it, it is not to think of it as to whom Kerkuk belongs.

But what's really beautiful about Iraq is the fact that it predates all of these things not as a piece of land through which two rivers flow, but as a civilization where the setting of the stage for all that human beings have accomplished began.

That is Iraq and we are blessed to be members of this land that has fascinated the world in its entirety.

  Why am I writing this? I am writing this because I see among us a bigger sense of division than unity, I see among us more feelings of resentment than those of joy, I see among us more anger than soberness, I see among us people like fanatic Kurds and people who instead of trying to understand them or convi nce them otherwise, they attack their people as if they have a mandate from the Kurds of Iraq.

  In Kerkuk, Kurdish flags (the Muhabad Republic flag, red, green and the sun in the middle) virtually crisscross city.

In response to the Kurdish obsession with their flag, the Turkmans have done the same with their flag (the party flag of the Turkman Front).

The Arabs of Kerkuk are virtually trapped in the middle of too much ethnic tensions.

They have every right to Kerkuk just as the  people of Dohuk have every right to Najaf AS LONG AS their desire for residency is on the basis of their Iraqiness rather than their Kurdishness or Arabness or Shiaism or Turkomanism

(yes, I am inventing these terms because they should not exist).

  Am I boring you? Well read on, there are one million Kurds living in Baghdad, that number is larger tha n the Kurds of Kerkuk, Sulaimania, Arbil and Dohuk, not combined but individually.

What does that mean? Well in a democratic Iraq, that means one million votes.

We are often deceived of hearing "the Sunni center" without considering the number of Kurds and Shi'a, not to mention Christian and Yezidi Iraqis that live in Baghdad and around Baghdad.

We hear the "Kurdish North" without looking at Musil, the second largest Arab city in Iraq after Baghdad.

We hear of the "Shi'a South" without considering the Sunni (Kurds and Arabs) that live all around the South from Basra to Hilla to Najaf to Karbala.

The bottom line is, Iraq is the land of the Iraqis, the groups that constitute our beautiful mosaic should be Iraqis before they are Kurdish, Arabic, Assyrian etc...  Once an Iraqi government is established and the various Iraqi groups are given something to lose, they will naturally feel more Iraqi.

O nce we are sober and awakened, things will be different, have faith in Iraq because there is no land on earth that is more beautiful than Iraq.

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Guest Guest



In arabic.. Alsystani letter to UN. Asking not to consider the transition law in any UN resolution


اعلاه رساله السيد السستاني الى السيد الابراهيمي مطالبا الامم المتحده بعدم اضفاء الشرعيه على اتفاق الحكم الانتقالي

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النسخه المنسوبه اعلاه الى مكتب السيد في النجف تسترعي بعض الملاحظات

1- لماذا توجه رساله بهذه الاهميه الى مبعوث الامين العام كجواب على رساله وليس بشكل طلب رسمي الى الامين العام شخصيا

2- اسلوب الرساله المتشنج مع وجود اخطاء نحويه في الرساله وبما لايتناسب مع المستوى المعرفي واللغوي العالي لسماحه السيد واعضاء مكتبه.

3-ضعف الحجه وبما لايتناسب مع المبادرات اللماحه التي عرف عنها السيد خلال الفتره الماضيه فبدلا من اثاره الموضوع الاخطر المتمثل بحق الفيتو والذي كان السيد قد اعتمده كاساس للطعن "مع تحفظنا على تحفظه" , يتم الاستدلال بعدم شرعيه القانون الجديد من خلال الطعن بفقره لم تذكر اصلا في القانون.فالقانون لم يحدد طائفه او قوميه اعضاء المجلس الرئاسي انما على العكس حدد التنافس بشكل قوائم.. مما يعطي فرصه للترشيح بشكل شفاف لهيئه رئاسيه ذات خلفيه مشتركه .

4- الاستدلال حول عدم الشرعيه الى استيانات راي غير رسميه وحمله تواقيع لم يعرف حجمها الحقيقي , مما يضعف الحجه وخصوصا وان الرساله صادره "كما مفترض" من مرجعيه فقهيه وليس من جهه سياسيه.


ان احترامنا وتقديرنا العالي لسماحه السيد ومواقفه يجعلنا حريصين على ابداء رأينا بكل وضوح طلبا للتوضيح

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Guest Guest


الحلقه الثانيه من المقال اعلاه

وذلك لسببين: الأول الفارق بين البيئة البدوية لسكـان النجف, والبيئة الفلاحية والزراعية لسكان كربلاء, ثم ان نسبة كبيرة من اهل كربلاء هم من اصول فارسية, وبالتالي يفضل الحجاج الايرانيون الذين يزورون المراقد الدينية قضاء معظم اوقاتهم في كربلاء.

هل الكاتب يحاول ترديد اكاذيب طائفيه ؟

وخلافاً لسكان مدن العتبات الأخرى ابدى الكربلائيون عدم رضاهم على فتوى السيستاني بتحريم دخول الزوار من خارج العراق الى المراقد بغير الطرق الشرعية. ويقول جعفر محمد عضو المكتب السياسي لمنظمة العمل الاسلامي: "من الخطأ ان نقفل الحدود لنمنع الزوار من القدوم الى مدن العتبات
وهل اصبحت منظمه العمل ممثلا لاهالي كربلاء. الاصح ان بعض المنتفعين من ازدهار الحركه التجاريه غير راضين عن تحديد عدد الزوار
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