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Baghdadee بغدادي

The transit goverment اتفاق اداره العراق

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A Notable Quote;


“There are among us a great mass of people who have been reared for generations under a government of tyranny and oppression. It is ingrained in their blood that there is no other form of government. They are disposed and inclined to think our institutions partake of the same nature as these they have left behind. We know they are wrong. They must be shown they are wrong.”


Now pause and read these next four sentences aloud. They are as powerful as any four sentences that have been uttered so far in the year 2004:


Another Quote;


“There is a just government. There are righteous laws. We know the formula by which they are produced. The principle is best stated in the immortal Declaration of Independence to be "the consent of the governed."”


The Quoted words above are from an American President, Calvin Coolidge, spoken on Nov 1, 1919 when addressing the aftermath of WWI, …


It succinctly applies to Iraq and all Iraqi’s future today.


Good government cannot be bought, it has to be given. Government has great opportunities for doing wrong, but equal chance for doing right. The USA cannot buy your freedom and prosperity by giving your country $$ to rebuild and sacrificing our own precious youth ... the future is always in your own hands. Do not bite the hand that would help you succeed in being free and prosperous.


Are Iraqis up to the challenge?

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comments please


Bremer announces moves to reinstate some former Baathist members

Fri Apr 23, 4:26 PM ET


(from Yahoo News)


BAGHDAD (AFP) - The US civil administrator in Iraq Paul Bremer announced steps to reinstate some former members of Saddam Hussein's disbanded Baath party in the new army, as well as in schools and universities.


Bremer made the announcement in a rare televised address to the nation that appeared aimed at rallying Iraqi support as the US-led coalition battles a dogged insurgency by both Sunni and Shiite Muslim militants.


Amid mounting concern over the poor performance of Iraqi security forces during recent attacks, the US overseer said more former members of Saddam's military would be allowed to join the ranks of the new army.


He also announced measures to speed up the reinstatement of thousands of teachers who lost their jobs because they were once Baathists, even though they were often forced to join the former dictator's party.


Bremer has come under fire for disbanding Saddam's former army in March last year to form new US-trained security forces whose performance the top US military brass says has fallen far short of expectations.


Bremer said interim defense minister Ali Allawi planned to meet "with vetted senior officers from the former regime next week to discuss how best to build the new Iraqi military establishment.


"More of these officers with honorable records -- from the former army and elsewhere -- will serve in the months ahead as your new army grows."

"Over 70 percent of all the men in the Iraqi army and (the para-military) Iraqi Civil Defense Corps served honorably in the former army," said Bremer.

He pointed out that the first three generals of the new Iraqi army were appointed on Sunday.


As the coalition struggles to rebuild a country shattered by years of war and mismanagement, the "debaathification" policy, which Bremer admitted was at times "unjust", has also left Iraq with an acute shortage of teachers.

The debaathification of Iraq was the first measure signed Bremer signed last May, just after the fall of Baghdad.


He did so under pressure from Ahmad Chalabi, a Pentagon favorite and head of the Iraqi National Congress who became head of the debaathification commission.

The order dissolved the Baath party and excluded from government former members of the top layers of the Baath party's hierarchy.


Reacting to Friday's move by Bremer, Chalabi said on the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya news channel: "The rehabilitation of Baathists threatens democracy."


But coalition spokesman Dan Senor insisted the move was not a departure from policy that bars former top Baath party members from taking senior government or military positions.


He said the plan had been all along to recruit senior officers after lower-ranked soldiers. All need to be cleared to ensure they were not involved in torture or other crimes the Saddam regime has been accused of, he said.


Senor also insisted that speeding up the rehiring of teachers did not constitute a change of policy either.


Bremer said "the debaathification policy was and is sound," but he conceded that numerous complaints it had been applied "unevenly and unjustly" were legitimate.

He announced that any teacher cleared by local committees but not yet at local level, could return to work, or receive their pensions immediately, and that pending appeals will be adjudicated within 20 days.


Earlier this month, visiting special UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi criticized the manner in which the policy was being implemented, saying thousands of teachers, university professors, doctors and other sorely-needed personnel had been dismissed and the appeals process was painfully slow.


Some 30,000 civil servants have already been purged from government and another 30,000 are expected to be excluded at the end of the process, according to the national debaathification commission.


To date, of 7,000 appeals filed, at least 800 have been processed and only a dozen rejected, according to Mithal Al-Alusi, one of the officials who run the debaathification commission.

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The official copy.. In English

النسخه الرسميه زبالانكليزيه



النسخه العربيه

Salim, Thank you for the link to your Interim Constitution. It is a beautiful document, and a pleasure to read :).


This first statement in the Preamble is particularly beautiful!


The people of Iraq, striving to reclaim their freedom, which was usurped by the previous tyrannical regime, rejecting violence and coercion in all their forms, and particularly when used as instruments of governance, have determined that they shall hereafter remain a free people governed under the rule of law.


God's blessings upon your people. May these great words remain true forever!

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Guest J Thomas

The temporary constitution looks mostly adequate to this foreigner.


275 members for the legislature is a lot.


Here is a minor quibble.


Article 12.


All Iraqis are equal in their rights without regard to gender, sect, opinion, belief, nationality, religion, or origin, and they are equal before the law.


Article 13.


© The right of free peaceable assembly and the right to join associations freely, as well as the right to form and join unions and political parties freely, in accordance with the law, shall be guaranteed.


Article 31.


(B) A nominee to the National Assembly must fulfill the following conditions:


(2) He shall not have been a member of the dissolved Ba’ath Party with the rank of Division Member or higher, unless exempted pursuant to the applicable legal rules.


(3) If he was once a member of the dissolved Ba’ath Party with the rank of Full Member, he shall be required to sign a document renouncing the Ba’ath Party and disavowing all of his past links with it before becoming eligible to be a candidate, as well as to swear that he no longer has any dealings or connection with Ba’ath Party organizations. If it is established in court that he lied or fabricated on this score, he shall lose his seat in the National Assembly.


It says iraqis can form and join parties, they won't be discriminated against because of belief, etc. But they are discriminated against if they were in the Ba'ath party. in each case it says "in accordance with the law". What bothers me about that precedent is that the law could be changed to discriminate against other iraqis, "in accordance with the law". Maybe it would be better not to ban people for being Ba'ath. OF course feelings are high about the bad things they did. You could put in the same restrictions based on their crimes, and in fact some of that does get done, in the exemptions. But that conflicts with Article 15A, which says you won't punish anyone for things that weren't illegal when they were done. If you follow that you'd be looking at what Saddam's laws technically said (as opposed to what his people did), and calling them criminals only for what they did that they themselves said was illegal.


My concern about this is only that it's bad to make a good principle and then state a big exception to it at the very beginning.



Other particularly interesting sections are Article 25E, Article 26, and Article 59 B&C.


It's peculiar that the prime minister is in charge of the armed forces instead of the president. But Article 59B appears to say that the iraqi armed forces will be part of the coalition forces under US command for the entire time of the interim government, so it doesn't matter in the short run.


Article 59C says that the interim government can make binding international agreements about the international force under US command. So if they say it's OK for the US to have bases there for the next 99 years, then that's law for 99 years.

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Guest Guest_tajer



The original copy of the letter of Ayatullah Alsystani to UN Security council.

In Arabic, here are transilation of some parts:


"Any attempts to legitimize the trastient law by mentioning it in the the new resolution would have very bad consequences"

"This law law, which was issues by a non ellected assembly should not bound an ellected one later after ellection"

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Guest تاجر



قرار مجلس الامن حول اعاده السياده للعراق ..مبروك لكل العراقيين. تحيه لكل الشهداء الاموات منهم والاحياء الذين ينتضرون الشهاده. اؤلئك الابطال الذين ساهموا كل من موقعه في صنع هذه النهايه السعيده.

تحيه لابطال العراق اعضاء مجلس الحكم كافه , اللذين لولا شجاعتهم في تحمل المسؤليه لانفرط عقد العراق


تحيه لكل اللذين وقفوا وساندوا .. تحيه سمو خاصه للسيد الجليل صاحب المواقف الاسطوريه في الزمن الصعب , السيد ايه الله السستاني وكل اخوانه الميامين.

تحيه للرئيس بوش الذي لولا حكمته وصبره وتحمله مسؤليه اتخاذ القرارات الشجاعه لما تحرر العراق

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