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Baghdadee بغدادي

Iraq from the butcher to the surgeon

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Iraq from butcher to surgeon


It is the Iraqi day , all Iraqis!

I had never experienced Iraqis so united as they are today..

The way the transition was done is amazing.. I don't have a lot of words but I will write more later..


Let us pray for a new democratic free Iraq.. Let us remember all the sacrifices !!


A friend of mine asked me why you are so happy.. I explained as follows:

Assume you have some beloved one who needs a surgery.. Just imagin when the operation that was carried by boutcher , is now conducted by a surgeon.. Both might use knifs , there might be blood, but what a difference..!!


The irony, is that the first Iraqi leader in charge after Saddam, the butcher of Baghdad , is Dr. Alawee, the UK trained medical surgeon...

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I wish you all great joy on this surprising day. Americans have a saying: "United we stand; divided we fall." If Iraqis will maintain today's sense of unity, they can build an Iraq in which they will be not merely residents, but proud citizens, responsible and free. That is what the coalition has been working and fighting and dying for. Please don't let us down.

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Happy day, and good luck.


I hope the time will come soon that you no longer need US troops.


Our troops will not be much use against al Zarqawi, we aren't very good at finding him. But if any militia or combination of militias revolts against Allawi we can destroy them for you. Just say the word. If you don't mind civilian casualties, all your troops need to do is to help bottle them up in some city and our airstrikes will kill them all in a few days.


And if some of your troops are disloyal to Allawi and rise up against him we can kill all of them from the air for you. We are very good at that kind of thing.


But I hope very soon you won't need us for that.


Again, best wishes and best of luck.

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Guest Guest_tajer

In Iraqi tradition there is a say: " like something and talk about, and hate some thing and talk about" "Hib wehchee, wa ekrah wahchee"

It comes to my mind when I watching some media coverage and the way different people expressed their feelings about what had happened..

Those who love Iraq frredom were very optitimistic and thought tghis to be a critical move forward. On the contrary those who are not in a position to support it, were keeping spectical.


I used to become nurvus when listen to some of these channels, like Aljazera, which represent the second.. This time I was very interested to listen how they cover it..

They delay the coverage about one hour, i meen after one hour the first US channel started the coverage, I think it was MSNBC.. though Aljezera reproter was in the transition sermony. They used to be the first in covering any bombing or a bad news. I don't want to talk about what happen later, as I kept my self bussy with other channels.. Later I had the chance to get their news briefings.. They started with those news from some Arab officials that had some reluctance in commenting on the news..


This was enough to give me idea that what had happened was good!!

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Guest Guest_tajer



In arabic.. Alawee speach to Iraqis..


اني أحذر قوى الإرهاب مرة أخرى ان شعب العراق لن ينسى من وقف معه في الشدائد ولن ينسى من وقف ضده في هذه المحنة ولعلي استنهض همم الرجال للدفاع عن الحرمات والمقدسات ولدحر قوى الردة والجهل واستنهض ابناء واحفاد ثوار العشرين وابطال الموصل الحدباء والانبار واحفاد شعلان ابو الجون وابطال الرميثة والرارنجية والنجف الاشرف وكربلاء الحسين ( عليه السلام ) وابناء كل العراق الشرفاء واستنهض شعبنا للوقوف يدا واحدة لسحق الارهابيين الاجانب الذين يقتلون أبناءنا ويدمرون بلدنا .

وفق الله العراق وجعله بلدا امنا واعز اهله ... وفق الله العراق ليكون عنصر استقرار وسلام وبناء في منطقتنا والعالم .. ونسأله وحده ان يوفقنا لمرضاته وليسكن شهداء العراق فسيح جناته انه نعم المولى ونعم النصير .

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Guest Mustefser


I liked your comparison very much.. Yes indeed , such critical problems that Iraqi facing today need an operation.. The issue is if this going to be done by a butcher or by a surgeon!!


Through our "great" history of middel east we had big problems , may be bigger than what Iraq is facing, however we always get this be delt with by a butcher..This is the first time that we have a surguen that is following all international regulations and codes.. We need a trong man but not a dectator, we need a critical action but not collective punishment..


I used to hear many comments by some analysist who are of the type "Hate and talk" that keep saying dissmissing the Iraqi army was the reason behind lack of security in Iraq, they never say that rapid reestablishment of the army is the reason. Do you know why. They want another butcher to take over.. While their argument might looks reasonable, they are missing the real issue: under Saddam there were a full security..so why we pay all the sacrifices to replace him with another tyrant?


Thanks again for the link of Alwayee speach.. I tried my best to get a link to it but failed..

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Guest Guest_tajer



In arabic , the translation of the Londaon's Financial times artilce..


واستطردت الصحيفة قائلة إن علاوي يحقق تقدما في مجال صهر المليشيات الحزبية والقبلية في الجيش العراقي الجديد الذي يحاول إنشاؤه وذلك على أثر القرار الكارثي الذي اتخذته الولايات المتحدة في العام الماضي بحل الجيش العراقي. وتحظى حكومته بمساندة مجلس الأمن الدولي وعلى الأقل بالاعتراف الرسمي من جانب الدول العربية المجاورة وإيران. ولا يقل عن ذلك أهمية أن تلك الحكومة تستأثر بمباركة الزعيم الروحي للأغلبية الشيعية العراقية آية الله العظمى على السيستاني.


وخلصت الصحيفة البريطانية في مقالها إلى القول إن الحكومة المؤقتة العراقية الجديدة تواجه، فيما تتحرك باتجاه الانتخابات العامة المقرر إجراؤها في مطلع العام المقبل، اختبارا قاسيا لمدى إرادتها مع المتمردين الذين يحاولون على ما يبدو تجزئة العراق على أساس الانتماء الطائفي والعرقي. ولا تتمثل مهمة رئيس الوزراء علاوي في مجرد إثبات استقلاله عن سيطرة القوات الأميركية التي ينظر إليها الآن على أنها قوات محتلة لا قوات للتحرير. وينبغي عليه أن يظهر أن بوسعه توحيد العراق وحماية العراقيين.

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I used to hear many comments by some analysist who are of the type "Hate and talk" that keep saying dissmissing the Iraqi army was the reason behind lack of security in Iraq, they never say that rapid reestablishment of the army is the reason. Do you know why. They want another butcher to take over.. While their argument might looks reasonable, they are missing the real issue: under Saddam there were a full security..so why we pay all the sacrifices to replace him with another tyrant? 

Their thinking is logical but it may not be connected to reality.


They have done a bad job of getting jobs for people. Many people have no work and little income. Those people are dissatisfied and might become insurgents. Those people might become insurgents for pay. It is important to find jobs that will keep them busy and paid.


If the old army had been kept together then all those soldiers would get paid, and they could be kept busy. That would reduce the insurgency problem. Of course it would be even better to put them to work rebuilding, but we failed to do that.


With some effort they could be kept somewhat busy training and not doing anything to cause trouble. And watching the training their teachers could decide which of them were too incompetent or had wrong attitudes to be in a western-style army. We have a story that arab armies are all designed around rigid obedience with little initiative, with the enlisted men brutalised by the officers, and subtle class distinctions and partly-secret loyalties more important in officers than performance. I don't know how much that's true, but this is a chance to attempt to create an american-trained arab (and kurd) army, maybe the first real chance.


Does that work better starting with the old units or making new ones? Probably by making new ones from scratch. So on the one hand we could have kept the soldiers too busy to become insurgents, but on the other hand the new army may be better this way. Or maybe american military training has to be adapted carefully to iraq and that might take a few years, and in the meantime it might not be better.


Another disadvantage of keeping the old army together is that we would have to count them and that would lead to estimates how many casualties they had taken. I think the american government did not want to know, various numbers would be embarrassing and they couldn't tell whether it would be a problem until they found out.


And the old army might not be reliable. But it might be better if part of the old army revolted, they would be easier to kill that way. When the same people become nameless insurgents they are harder to find.


It is easier to refuse to give a new army weapons than to take them away from an old army. The americans are not giving the iraqi army any heavy artillery and only two unarmed planes. Apparently they will not get any antiair defense. And no tanks. They will be able to close with an enemy and hold him in place while american artillery or tanks or planes destroy him. But they will not be able to do much without the US forces. Allawi looked at buying better weapons himself and the US told him that he could not, his military money is already assigned to paying soldiers and he has nothing for buying weapons. The USA will buy his soldiers' weapons, and we will give them what we want them to have. That would be much harder if existing units still had their own weapons.


Of course a strong military might take over the government. That has happened to a lot of democracies. It is easier to avoid that with an army that is weak, and that has new leaders who have not fought together in old wars.

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Guest Guest



In arabic.. Different Iraqi newspaper.. wellcommming the end of occupation..


الصحف العراقية ترحب بعودة السيادة الى العراقيين وانتهاء الاحتلال

الثلاثاء 29/6/2004 بغداد- رحبت الصحف العراقية الثلاثاء بتسليم السيادة الى العراقيين معتبرة انه "يوم تاريخي" لكل العراقيين. وكتبت صحيفة "النهضة" التي يرئس مجلس ادارتها الرئيس السابق لمجلس الحكم الانتقالي عدنان الباجه جي انه "يوم تاريخي لكل العراقيين". من جانبها اشادت صحيفة "العدالة" الناطقة باسم المجلس الاعلى للثورة الاسلامية في العراق الذي يتزعمه عبد العزيز الحكيم "بيوم التحرير واستعادة السيادة" معتبرة ان نقل السيادة "محطة مهمة لانهاء الاحتلال". ودعت العراقيين الى المشاركة في "المهمات الكبيرة والصعبة من اجل بناء هذا الوطن وتحقيق استقراره وبناء مؤسساته الدستورية بآرائكم وحضوركم ومشاركتكم في كل تفاصيل العملية السياسية لبناء عراق العدل والاستقرار". اما صحيفة "البيان" التي يصدرها حزب الدعوة العراقي الذي يتزعمه ابراهيم الجعفري نائب رئيس الجمهورية فقد عنونت "انه يوم تاريخي". وقالت انه "ليس صدفة ان يكتب في الثلاثين من حزيران/يونيو تاريخ العراق مرتين (...) في 1920 و2004" في اشارة الى ثورة العشرين عندما اخرج العراقيون الجيش البريطاني من العراق.


واكدت ان "العراق يأبى الضم والاحتلال وشعبه لا يقبل الا ان يكون سيد نفسه وهذا الذي كان في الثلاثين من حزيران/يونيو 2004 عندما اجبر العراقيون الاميركيين على التخلي عن سياسة الاحتلال".


وعنونت صحيفة "الشراع" اليومية المستقلة "العراق حر مستقل" معتبرة ان "14 شهرا من الاحتلال الاميركي-البريطاني للعراق انتهت رسميا".


من جانبها قدمت صحيفة "المؤتمر" الناطقة باسم حزب المؤتمر الوطني العراقي الذي يتزعمه احمد الجلبي "تهنئة حارة ابتهاجا بيوم تسليم السيادة الى ابناء الشعب العراقي الذين ناضلوا طويلا وقدموا التضحيات لتكتحل عيونهم بهذه المناسبة". وعبرت عن املها ان "تسخر الطاقات جميعها مع جهود اياد علاوي رئيس الوزراء لخدمة هذا البلد العزيز". 

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Guest Guest_tajer



Inarabic.. an article by an Iraqi from inside Iraq, noticing the great change in security and stability after 48 hrs.. He blame the CPA to be soft with the criminals by following the Americans rules of dealing with suspects.. He claimed that criminals, after delivered by Police or citizens to CAp, they got released .. The problem was that these criminals come back to take revenge from policemen..

That is why policement were not encouraged to participate in followup on terrorists and criminals.. However, he noticed that the situation was changed, and there were more than 70 terror cars with explostion were captured durting the last 48 hours, and more that 13 bans of 143 personnal were captured in Baghdad a lone yesterday in down town Baghdad " bataween"..

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There was a lot of debate in Kuwait about the reason why Mr. Allawe didn't mention Kuwait and Qatar when he thanks some Arab countries for their help.. He mentioned Jordan, UAE and egypt though!


Kuwaitee foriegn minister said today that kuwait would not make a big deal of this..He said that we will fully support the new government.. Some Kuwaitee council members wanted the governemnt to react on it..

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Guest Guest_tajer



In arabic.. A letter by 177 Iraqi scholar to President Bush and Mr. Bleir


They thnks them for all what they did to liberate Iraq..

"All the sacrifices by Americans, british, and other coalition forces will never be forgotten, these sacrifices brough us back to this global human society and build our confidence that our destiny is same as human"




رسالة شكر من المثقفين العراقيين إلى الرئيسين بوش وبلير

الجمعة 25 يونيو 2004 21:42

تلقت "إيلاف" رسالة وقعها مثقفون عراقيون يشكرون فيها جهود الرئيس الامريكي جورج بوش ورئيس وزراء بريطانيا السيد توني بلير، هنا نص الرسالة:




السيد جورج دبليو بوش، رئيس الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية المحترم


السيد توني بلير، رئيس وزراء المملكة المتحدة المحترم




بعد التحية والتقدير




بمناسبة تسليم قوات التحالف السلطة للحكومة العراقية المؤقتة، نود أن نعرب عن شكرنا وتقديرنا لكما ومن خلالكما للشعبين الأمريكي والبريطاني وجيشيهما لمبادرتكما النبيلة والشجاعة في مساعدة شعبنا على الخلاص من أبشع نظام ديكتاتوري دموي عرفته بلادنا والعالم. إننا كمثقفين من مختلف الاختصاصات عانينا وإلى أقصى مدى آلام شعبنا ولمسنا احتياجاته، ندرك حجم المأثرة الإنسانية التي قدمتموها لشعبنا ووطننا. 


لقد قام شعبنا خلال 35 عاماً بالكثير من المحاولات الجريئة الباسلة لتحرير نفسه وقدم مئات الآلاف من الشهداء والمتضررين لكنها وللأسف فشل جميعاً ولأسباب مختلفة. وتحدث الكثير من قادة العالم عن حضارة وادي الرافدين وما قدمه العراقيون الأوائل من إنجازات كانت مع غيرها من المنجزات الإنسانية الأولى، الأساس الحقيقي لحضارة اليوم وكيف أن شعب وادي الرافدين جدير بحياة أخرى غير حياة الحروب والقمع والإرهاب ولكنكما وحدكما من انسجم مع النبض الحقيقي لحضارة العالم وروح الحرية والعدالة وأقدم على مساعدة شعبنا بشكل فعلي ليتمتع بثمار حضارة العالم التي حرم منها طويلاً وفي مقدمتها الديمقراطية والحرية وحقوق الإنسان ومؤسسات المجتمع المدني. وإننا لا فهم مواقف الجهات التي لا تزال تشكك بشرعية الحرب وقانونيتها بحجة عدم العثور على أسلحة الدمار الشامل.


لقد كان قراركما بالوقوف إلى جانب شعبنا لحظة تاريخية ظاهرة. إن أرواح الجنود الأمريكيين والبريطانيين والإيطاليين والأسبانيين والبولونيين واليابانيين والأستراليين والحلفاء الآخرين ستبقى حية بيننا تشهد على أمثولة التعاضد والمساندة بين البشر الذين يعون أن الكوكب الأرضي وطن واحد وأن مصيرهم لم يعد مجزأً.

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