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Baghdadee بغدادي

To whom I should vote?

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As Arab/Muslim American , there are four reasons why I would vote for Bush



1- Domestic issue.. I am against same sex marriage. It would be very harmful for my kids to live where such marriage is legal..

2- Palestinian issue.. I am against the blind support to Israel.. In the last debate between Cheney and Edwards, the differences were very clear.. I am with Cheney's call for the full rights of Palestinians for their own separate state.

3- Terror fight ..That is the most important issue for me. While Bush's plans and involvements are debatable, I feel much safer, having experienced leadership in such critical times..

4- Iraq.. One might not agree with me that the Iraq war is a critical and very smart step in fighting terrorists . However, I think it is not adequate to have a president who starts his presidency by attacking the Iraqi allies "Allawi's government".. I don't understand how a president can manage an exit plan while he is distrusting his Iraqi allies..

I feel for the sake of American and Iraqi brave youth and future , Bush will do much better ..


Please let me know if am wrong..

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I think you are right about mid-east. I think Kerry's talk about an exit strategy is wrong. America should talk about engagement strategies. We should talk about how to best help the people of Iraq build a great country. We should talk about helping Iraq become the finacial, intellectual, and artistic jewel of the mid-east. I think we should talk about how to protect Iraq from hostile neighbors without harming Iraq's independance. I think we should talk about what is right and just for the Iraqi people instead of being so focused on our own wants. This talk about exit strategies is wrong. It gives hope to the wrong people and creates doubt in the people that we should be helping.

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Have a look to this article..

"Here the difference between my opponent and me is very clear, 

" Bush said at a campaign event on Monday.



"Senator Kerry believes that fighting Zarqawi and other terrorists in Iraq is a diversion from the war on terror," he said. "I believe that fighting and defeating these killers in Iraq is a central commitment in the war on terror."



What is worrying me about Kerry , is that his mixed messages is recieved by a lot of terrorist groups as a change in the policy of fighting terror.. They are declaring the defeat of Bush as a win for them.. My worry is how this would impact situation in Iraq and other places.. I am noticing this from now on many anti Iraqi freedom web sites.. They even clearly calling Arabs and Muslims to go for Kerry. !

I am sure that their bet is wrong, Sinator Kerry is not less than Pres. Bush in doing best to fight terror.. My point is if this is going to inspire terrorist ..

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