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Baghdadee بغدادي

The war on terror great opportunity

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The war on terror great opportunity

A lot of the American analysis's thought the current situation in Lebanon is offering a great opportunity for the war on terror by defeating Syria from Lebanon. They are right and wrong ..

Yes it might offer a unique opportunity to build bridges with Sunni Arab in middle east after the accusation that the democratic changes in Iraq are to favor shia Arab and Sunni Kurds on the expenses of Sunni Arab. However, it would fail short if the administration , mobilized by some pro_Isreal politicians, decided to loss this unique opportunity by steering the killing toward Syria rather than investigating the real possibility of blaming the Qaeda terror network.

It is well known that Sunni Arab in Middle east today , is the nurturing community for Qaeda suiciders.. Focusing on such conflict of interest between the Arab Sunni in Lebanon and the Qaeda would create a big hole between the two.


Pushing Syria out of Lebanon is an issue and dealing with Mr. Hariri case should be completely another issue..

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